Vote Yes for Life!

Signs are everywhere reminding us that this is election season. In fact, at the time of this writing, election day is one week away and in person voting is open Nov 3 – 5 at special polling sites. This year, Kentuckians will vote on Amendment 2, which seeks to clarify that our state constitution does not contain a right to abortion, nor does it require tax payer funding for abortions. The Yes for Life Alliance has been working to get the word out that supporters of the sanctity of life need to vote Yes on Amendment 2 in order to protect human life in our state. We join them in this effort, and encourage you, our supporters to do the same!

There is no current right found in our constitution that would suggest the right to or funding for abortion; however, this Amendment is needed to clarify that fact due to activist judges who, against the will of a majority of Kentuckians, may be tempted to stonewall pro-life laws, preventing their enforcement.

State Attorney General, Daniel Cameron is a strong supporter of Amendment 2. He stated: “In terms of the values of Kentuckians, this is obviously an important issue. I’m proud to endorse this particular amendment, and I’m optimistic about its passage. Science and technology have certainly underscored just how early in the womb life begins, and as people can see images of that, it’s changing the national conversation about this issue.”

Addia Wuchner, Executive Director of Kentucky Right to Life, and chair of the Yes for Life Alliance also shared this comment about the amendment: “The constitutional amendment is very clear. It protects taxpayer dollars, and it makes sure there is not an interpreted right of abortion in the constitution. It allows the lawmakers to be the lawmakers and make the laws that reflect the values of the people of Kentucky.”

Here is what Amendment 2 will look like on your ballot:

Amending our constitution is a rare event – and voters need to go into the voting booth understanding these facts as well about Amendment 2:

–Voting “straight party” will not be a vote for or against Amendment 2. You need to find Amendment 2 on your ballot and affirmatively vote.

–Some activists or even confused believers say “I can’t vote Yes on Amendment 2 because it doesn’t have an exception for rape, incest, or the life of the mother.” However, those exceptions can’t be drafted into the constitution. They must be addressed in legislation, and the Amendment let’s voters have a say at the legislative level. The Amendment does NOT make abortion rights impossible in Kentucky. The Amendment allows decisions to be made in the legislature and not in the courtroom.

–Some activists say “Voting Yes will keep women from needed treatments for miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy.” No, this is not true because doctors (not activists, apparently) understand the difference between “abortion” and miscarriage and treatment for ectopic pregnancies. Physicians understand the treatments that are needed and will provide them because those medical needs are not “elective abortion.”

This is a pivotal time in our communities, our state and our country. This is a precious and rare opportunity you have to make a difference by affirmatively voting YES on Amendment 2, to protect preborn life–the most vulnerable among us. For more information about this ballot measure and the Yes for Life campaign, click here. We hope you will join us in voting YES on Amendment 2!