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Run a Baby Bottle Campaign

Your spare change can change lives!

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Each year churches and small groups throughout Louisville do their part to support the pro-abundant life efforts of BsideU For Life Pregnancy & Life Skills Center by participating in our annual Baby Bottle campaign. It’s easy! And it equips everyone to make a difference in the lives of families in our local community that has an impact for generations to come.

Every dollar given through our Baby Bottle Campaign allows us to serve women and families facing unplanned pregnancies, responding to their needs and protecting the lives of unborn children. 
You can make a difference! 


  • Most Baby Bottle campaigns run between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day but can be done anytime that works best for your group.  

  • We will provide you with as many bottles as you would like to pass out to your organization.

  • Distribute the baby bottles within your organization.

  • Ask members to fill the bottles, over a 6-week time frame, with spare change, cash, or checks.

  • Six weeks later, you collect the bottles, whether full or empty.

  • Return the bottles to us!


A baby bottle filled with just dimes and quarters totals around $60 and can make a life-saving difference in the life of a mom and her unborn baby. 


To find out more about how you can participate in our Baby Bottle Campaign, contact Neal Gish at

You can also create a virtual campaign or give online! Share this link with your church or group to promote online gifts:

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