A 2011 journal entry from a counselor from one of our pregnancy centers

I had headed to the crisis pregnancy satellite center to pray on a cold January 20, 2011.  I began my prayer journaling in the quiet back room reading Isaiah 37:16-20 and praying:

“O Mighty God, Maker of Heaven and earth, enthroned in majesty power and dominion.  You alone are God over all the Kingdoms of this earth.  America is yours, but she has turned away and committed violent atrocities on her innocents.  My city of Louisville is participating.  Give ear, O Lord and hear.  Open your eyes O Lord and see, listen to all the words that are said on the sidewalk by the escorts and on the internet.

91 abortions last week, more this week, more today.  They deceive young girls in distress.  The lawmakers and leaders of this country say it’s o.k. to take the life of the unborn.

But we believe your Word, that you hate the shedding of innocent blood.  Now O Lord, our God, break through the lies and deception, bring forth a flood of women and family members into our 140 and 101 doors that need to hear Hope for the future, & love you have for them.  Your servants are here ready to obey.

Let us know if there is more to do in order to be equipped for THE HARVEST.  May the whole abortion industry COLLAPSE & know that you alone O Lord are God.”

I prayed and made my way out of the prayer room and this is what I wrote in my journal later:

WOW. At about 8:20 a.m. a young woman came in to 140 asking for directions to the homeless center.  She began to cry and explain that she had just come from Wayside Mission Homeless Shelter.  She had spent the night there but another woman had verbally threatened her, held a knife to her throat and stole her shoes.  Immediately, we all reacted with sympathy and looked down at her feet with only socks on.  It was snowing outside and she had walked miles on wet sidewalks downtown.  Someone asked her shoe size.

Well, before she could answer, our ultrasound nurse went over and flipped her shoes off and said, “here, take my shoes”.  They were shiny slick green clogs—already WARMED!  And before there could be any protests, our nurse said she had other shoes in the car.  As the others spoke with the young woman, I went with our nurse to get her other shoes out of her car.

While we were gone, she unfolded her story as she stood in our lobby of 140 Market Street.  The girl was pregnant and her husband pushed her off a bus.  The fall had killed her baby and she had just gotten out of the hospital (and had no where to go).

At this point, a faithful prolife sidewalk counselor, escorted a young woman and her mother into our lobby.  Our attention became divided and we quickly decided we would drive her to Center for Women and Families and our post-abortive counselor would help the abortion minded client.

She sat down while we began to scramble.  I went to the kitchen to get her food.  I made her some warm oatmeal and found some breakfast bars.  We ended up calling a taxi for her.  We quickly counseled her about going to Necole’s Place to begin a changed life and gave her written information.

I’ve heard about Christians giving away their shoes, but I’ve never witnessed it until today!  Thank you Jesus!