Mobile Unit Update

BsideU For Life is excited to announce that in addition to the existing facility-based ministry, we’re embarking on an entirely new pregnancy care service model – a mobile ministry. This new model is a result of sensing God leading the BsideU board and staff to be more creative in reaching moms that are facing a crisis pregnancy. Earlier this year, Kentucky’s Cabinet for Health and Family Services issued Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky a provisional license to provide abortions, which they began in March. That, coupled with the fact that abortions were allowed to continue unabated as the pandemic swept the country, led us to prayerfully consider a bolder, more proactive approach to transforming hearts and minds toward life. 

Having a mobile ministry will allow us to reach women before they would even reach out to Planned Parenthood, and to save more babies. This arm of our service will reach those that may not have access to transportation, or might not know about BsideU For Life, and the services and support we offer. 

To enable this, we need to be mobile! It’s been a long journey to get from idea to reality, but God’s provision and leading has guided each step of the way. We now have a fully equipped RV that includes an ultrasound machine, and in the coming months will be partnering with ICU (Image Clear Ultrasound) Mobile to go through training on best practices in mobile ministry. Thanks to Mission Pre-Born and a private donor, we were able to purchase the used, equipped RV outright. 

Intending to run the mobile unit 2 days per week, and considering staffing, gasoline, supplies and maintenance costs, we anticipate needing about $6,000 per month dedicated to this portion of the ministry. We’ll need some volunteers to be our “pit crew” to help in maintaining the RV. If this sounds like something that’s in your wheelhouse (no pun intended), please click here, we’d love to hear from you! 

We plan to launch this new service in early 2021. Take a look at this video for additional details, and stay tuned for updates to come about this exciting new service model!