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Making Life Disciples – Equipping the Church

We are all waiting for Supreme Court’s decision on the case of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which could potentially overturn the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion. You might be thinking, “if that happens, our job here is done! Victory for the pro-life movement!” But that’s a somewhat misleading declaration. Why? Because the sanctity of human life doesn’t play out primarily in the court room or the legislature – it is a battle of the hearts and the minds of women & men. No matter what the law says – women still get pregnant, face poverty as single parents, and children grow up fatherless. Making abortion illegal doesn’t end unplanned pregnancies.

Sharing the hope and support of the Gospel with those affected by unplanned pregnancies for life is our mission here at BsideU, but we need the help of churches in Louisville and the surrounding areas to join us, shoulder to shoulder in ministering to clients—not downtown in our offices, but out in the community – at your churches. That’s what Making Life Disciples is all about. It’s a 12-session study, developed by Care Net and designed to equip churches to offer compassion, hope and practical help to women and men facing a crisis pregnancy. The sessions offer insight into things that church leaders and members might not be aware of, such as the mind-set of an abortion-vulnerable woman, even abortion procedures that are available to her, and what post-abortive women struggle with in the aftermath. It also provides practical tips on how to best support women and men to choose not just life, but the abundant life that God envisioned for the family.

One of the things we encourage clients to do is to plug in to a church family where they and their child can grow spiritually, and thrive as part of the body of Christ. There have been a few cases where this has happened, and we’ve celebrated the transforming power it’s had on clients’ lives. More often though, a single mom, who may be very visibly pregnant, is intimated to walk alone into a church she’s never been to, where she doesn’t know anyone. She is a sojourner, a foreigner, a stranger in a truly strange land. What if, instead, she shows up to see a friendly face – someone with whom she already connected? That’s where Making Life Disciples implemented in your church comes in.

We’re hosting a Pastors’ and Partners’ Breakfast on Tuesday, May 24th at 8am at Highview Baptist Church at 7711 Fegenbush Lane, and want to invite pastors and other leaders from churches throughout the greater Louisville area to attend. While many of our clients live closer to downtown, the need for life disciples exists throughout our area. We serve all zip codes – and your church may be the right place for a client from one of the other pregnancy centers just outside of Metro (Shelby, Oldham, Bullitt Counties and New Albany each have their own pregnancy centers serving this community). We’re happy to welcome Dr. Greg Austen who will share the vision of Making Life Disciples, and how it can equip churches to better respond to the call in James 1:27: to care for orphans (who are children without fathers) and widows (who are women without husbands). To learn more or register for the Pastors’ and Partners’ Breakfast, please click here. We look forward to seeing you there!