Elections have Consequences

Shifting from a Trump presidency to Biden’s leadership brings with it a host of changes that have swiftly reversed pro-life policies and have put our most vulnerable lives at greater risk. Biden’s selections for Vice President and top cabinet positions have reinforced the likely trajectory that his initial executive orders have set – one that, in the name of protecting women’s health, actually puts them at more risk, and removes protections for unborn babies.

On January 28th, just a week after taking office, Biden signed an executive order that:

  • Reversed the “Mexico City Policy”, originally instituted by President Ronald Regan to ensure that US international aid did not go to organizations that perform or promote the practice of abortion.
  • Withdraws the United States’ inclusion in the Geneva Consensus, which was signed by the US and 32 other countries united in opposition against the United Nation’s effort to make abortion a human right.
  • Calls on the Secretary of Health and Human Services to review Title X, and consider whether to “suspend, revise or rescind” the restrictions currently in place that prevent federal funds from supporting organizations that perform or refer for abortions.

Biden’s selection of Kamala Harris as Vice President yields an executive branch that is outspoken in its support of abortion. Harris is known by many for her vigorous prosecution of David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt for their undercover work to expose Planned Parenthood’s practice of selling body parts of aborted babies. Having received campaign donations from the abortion giant, Harris began the legal offensive that is still underway today.

Biden’s nominee for Secretary of Health and Human Services, Xavier Becerra reveals a continued pro-abortion trend for cabinet appointees. As California’s Attorney General, Becerra succeeded Kamala Harris in the role as she moved into the Senate, and took over the Daleiden and Merritt prosecution effort with gusto. Becerra also recently instigated a lawsuit against California’s Little Sisters of the Poor to force them to provide contraception coverage to their staff, against their conscience. As of this writing, the Senate is currently holding confirmation hearings on Becerra.  

Thankfully, Becerra also lost his vigorous defense of a California Law that would have forced pro-life pregnancy centers in California to advertise state-funded abortion services.  For more on his radical pro-abortion record, click here.

Closer to home in Kentucky, however, we’ve seen some encouraging legislative activity in the current session. In the General Assembly session under way, our Kentucky lawmakers passed two bills to enhance protection of the unborn in our state:

  • The Born Alive Infant Protection Act, originally vetoed by Governor Beshear last year, was passed, and will require medical professionals to provide lifesaving nourishment and medical care to newborn babies, even at abortion facilities.
  • HB2, which allows Kentucky’s Attorney General to probe and engage errant abortion providers with civil and criminal penalties.

The elected representatives in our state have also filed other life-valuing bills that will come before the Assembly in coming sessions.

We are reminded, with the great news that came from South Carolina last week in their passage of a heartbeat bill, that we face headwinds at every step. Just hours after its passage, Planned Parenthood filed a legal challenge that will delay its enforcement for the foreseeable future, just as Kentucky experienced in 2019.  As our country goes through shifts and turns, our calling and resolve at BsideU remains resolute – to change hearts and minds toward life, to save babies and their mothers. Thank you for praying for and standing with us in this important work!