A Hope and a Future

Aside from unborn babies, some of the most vulnerable people in our society are foster children. The tragic circumstances that put them in the foster system too often lead to additional adverse childhood experiences (ACE’s) that leave lasting trauma and scars that don’t easily heal. That often leads to a repeated cycle of the next generation facing similar challenges, and so on. Many of the clients we serve here at BsideU were foster children.

It’s only through a relationship with God and experiencing His grace that these kind of wounds can be truly healed. A central focus of our mission is to introduce clients to Jesus, which enables transformational and lasting change. His restorative power is what can turn something the enemy meant for harm into something beautiful. Over the past year, we’ve seen this transformation take place in a client we will refer to as Client S.

Client S, who entered the foster care system at age 3, first came to BsideU because she heard from a friend that she and her children would be fed. Her heart was closed, and she admitted that she was just coming for what she could get. She came to a turning point, however when she hit rock bottom, and realized she wanted to change the destructive cycle she’d experienced for the sake of her children. It was a wakeup call, and she chose to lean on our team at BsideU who had consistently shown her love and support to help her get through the difficult changes she knew she needed to make. Through this time, Client S came to know Jesus, and decided to accept Him as the Lord of her life, and that changed everything.

Since that time, Client S has been studying hard and in the course of just a few months earned her GED. She had tried to get her GED a few times before, but had never followed through. She attributes her success this time to having God’s leading in her life. We are so proud of her, and held a graduation ceremony and celebration for her at the ministry. She’s now enrolled in college courses at JCTC, and has the goal of using her degree and experiences to help kids that are aging out of the foster care system.

It has been such a joy to walk beside Client S through this dramatic life change, and we’re excited to see how God works through her as she continues to pursue His plan for her life.