Louisville Right to Life Celebrates 50th Anniversary

January marked the solemn 47th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, and many faithfully observed the occasion by attending the March for Life in Washington D.C., or attending local and state rallies across the nation.  Locally, the Louisville chapter of Kentucky Right to Life marked its 50th anniversary at it’s annual rally on the steps of the old Fiscal Courthouse, with over a hundred supporters attending, despite freezing temperatures, including staff, clients, and children from BsideU for Life. Rally participants acknowledged that our right to life is a basic human right, afforded to all humans by God.

The rally highlighted prayers to God, both in celebration of positive strides in our city and state toward protection of life, and in petition for changed hearts among those seeking to normalize and enable abortion. Josette Goulet, a former Louisville Right to Life board member opened the rally with a prayer, and Hikes Point Christian Church Pastor, Mark Hancher closed it with an encouraging message and a prayer.  

Margie Montgomery, the Executive Director of Kentucky Right to Life was one of the keynote speakers. Margie was there at the beginning as a founder of Louisville Right to Life 50 years ago. She conveyed the heart of the crowd, in solidarity with others meeting at the same time in similar venues across the nation by stating, “the momentum is clearly on our side”. We’ve seen this especially in younger age groups as medical technology improves, and makes it impossible to deny the life of the unborn. 

Another speaker, Aundria McClain with the group Sisters for Life said “we’re here to let the nation know that a pre-born baby does deserve to have life. As we elect officials that have a heart for babies, have a heart for families, it will not be long before that happens.” Other speakers conveyed similar, powerful messages, including Metro Councilman Robin Engel and former Kentucky state legislator Bob Heleringer.