What We ‘Get to Do’


Jesus ends the story of the Good Samaritan with the question “Which of these do you think was the neighbor to the man?………..” The one who had mercy on him” was answered. Jesus replied ”Go and do likewise.”

We are able to follow this direction from Jesus on a day to day basis through this ministry. The following are just a few of the examples:

A young mother of 5 that we have known for several years came in last month during a life crisis. She had left her job, after 3 ½ years because of a domestic violence situation, she came to us for direction and Christian counsel. We were able to give her several resources, pray and encourage her. She immediately took the information and followed through during this time off from work. She worked with one of our partners, Seed to Oak, and started a new job with Kia Motors, which will be a great life advancement for her and her children. She and her 14 year old daughter worked together on a financial workbook Seed to Oak had given her. Through this encounter, she knew she could come here in any crisis to find the help and support she needs, and her 14 year old daughter is witnessing the love and support her mother and she get through the ministry. This client had been in foster-care in her teens, has limited support and this is where she has come through the years for support.

Another 35 year old woman, we’ve known for 9 years has struggled with addiction. She doesn’t have custody of her 3 children, is in a sober living program and trying to stay on track.  We love and pray with her, have met one on one and started a Bible study to help strengthen her faith and resolve to follow and trust Jesus. During one of these sessions, she was amazed to realize that Jesus did not have to go to the cross, “He could have called 10,000 angels” but prayed “God’s Will be Done”  That we too, can ask God to “take this cup from us.” But chose His Will for our life. When she states she wants to “quit” we’ve assured her, WE WILL NOT give up on her!!

We are all so encouraged to see one of our ladies continue to stay on the straight and narrow, after following her through drug addiction and working with local drug rehab programs for the past 2 years. She has gained custody of her 3 year old child and they have moved out of downtown into a house with a yard. She has been attending church with one of our staff members and prayed to be saved after our chapel service this month.  What a blessing and encouragement it is to see her grow in her faith, making difficult but good changes in her life that will help her and her children live a better, blessed life.

There are days I just stop and listen to our girls talk and laugh and enjoy the freedom and gift of just being together.  We see the Lord’s Hand daily here, He lifts burdens, He convicts hearts when needed and draws lost ones to a place where they will hear His Name often.

 How blessed we are to “get to” serve Him and these women!

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