Volunteer Spotlight

Seeing a child’s eyes open wide with amazement when they discover the intricate detail and design in God’s creation is one of life’s greatest joys to Diane Morton, a faithful volunteer in our children’s ministry here at BsideU for Life. With a biology background as a bio major and former science teacher, Diane loves teaching the children that come to us about the natural world around them. It’s not just book learning. Diane brings in interesting things that the children can see and feel up close, things like a flower, a leaf, or an intact cicada shell (yes, some of us might find that gross, but truly, it’s fascinating!). 

As the children learn about God’s intricate design in nature, they also learn about His love and care for each of them. Diane is very intentional about her interactions with the children, weaving the gospel message into her conversations with them. She gets down on their level and talks with the kids in her care, not just “to” them. Her goal is to plant the idea in their mind when they’re young that God is the Creator of all things, including them! To let them know in their hearts that God loves them and has a plan for their lives. 

Many of the children that come to BsideU with their mothers don’t have a lot of consistency in their lives. Most don’t have the presence of a church family, or even an extended family like grandparents, aunts or uncles to help them grow and learn. Having Diane’s consistent presence in our Children’s Ministry has been such a blessing to the kids that see her week after week. 

Diane learned about BsideU through her church’s participation in the Baby Bottle Campaign, one of our most recognized annual fundraisers. As she learned more about the ministry, she was drawn to volunteer with us because of the “For Life” component. We’re not just there to protect the lives of the unborn, but we’re also there to walk beside the women and their families throughout the pregnancy, after baby is born, and beyond. Our Children’s Ministry is an important part of wrapping around moms who need physical, emotional and spiritual support. 

We’re so thankful for our volunteers, like Diane, who faithfully invest themselves in our clients and their children. To learn about how you can use your God-given gifts and abilities to volunteer with us, please click here.