Saturday, August 10

Check-in: 7:30am

Kick-off: 8:30am

Start Line: 701 W. Muhammad Ali Blvd. 

Registration: FREE

Minimum Fundraising: $25

Meet our 2019 TEAM LIFE Riders!

Ed Sitzler

by typing “Ed Stiztler” under Rider Name

or Visit Ed’s TEAM LIFE give page!

Jean Sitzler

by typing “Jean Stizler” under Rider Name

or Visit Jean’s TEAM LIFE give page!

Larry Hedgespeth

by typing “Larry Hedgspeth” under Rider Name

or visit Larry’s TEAM LIFE give page!

Andy Gunkler

by typing “Andy Gunkler” under Rider Name

or visit Andy’s TEAM LIFE give page!

Angela Walker

Bill Fable

Butch Bozarth

Clarence Cooper (Coop)

by typing “Clarence Cooper” under Rider Name

or visit Coop’s TEAM LIFE give page!

Darlene Sampietro

H. Falconer

Kevin Rapp

Kitt Haberman

Kristy Kennedy

Larry George

Lisa Benson

Maggie Donnell

by typing “Maggi Donnell” under Rider Name

or visit Maggi’s TEAM LIFE give page!

Martin Bischoff

Michael Copeland

Roger Seekell

by typing “Roger Seekell” under Rider Name

or visit Roger’s TEAM LIFE give page!

Richard Jones

Suzanne Pitchard

Terry Hardy

Vince Sampietro

This is the 9th annual TEAM LIFE Bike Ride! We are excited to host 100 riders at one of our 3 road routes on Saturday, August 10th.

Our 3 Road routes include:

Please see our Parking Instructions for where to park downtown!