Showering a Saved Baby

Showering a Saved Baby

Our campus outreach coordinator threw a Baby Shower for a student parent who attends the University of Louisville. Rachel is currently a sophomore at the University of Louisville working towards a degree in Speech Pathology. Rachel is a mama to two beautiful children, Jace and Kate. When she became pregnant late fall of last year, Rachel felt like she had no other choice, but to have an abortion. She arrived for an appointment at Planned Parenthood where they referred her to the Indianapolis Planned Parenthood for an abortion. Rachel drove up to the clinic parking lot and sat in the car. She pulled out her phone before going into the building and called one of the nurses at BsideU for Life. Through her conversation with the nurse and later the campus outreach coordinator. Rachel decided to leave the Planned Parenthood parking lot that day and not undergo an abortion. Once she was connected with Alex, the campus outreach coordinator, she received support and assistance as she navigated school and family life, knowing she would be having her third child. Alex, the campus outreach coordinator, threw Rachel a baby shower in April to celebrate the baby’s life and the mother-to-be. Rachel’s family is not supportive of her decision to choose life, but we are! She is looking forward to welcoming another boy into the family and has been so grateful for the support she’s received from BsideU for Life.


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