Say and Play

Say and Play with words is an initiative to help children get prepare for kindergarten and maintain their grade-level reading. This initiative is intended to bridge the ” word gap”. Studies show that by age 3, children from lower income homes are exposed to about 30 million less words than children that come from more financially secure homes. The “word gap” contributes to disparities in academic performance, such as kindergarten readiness and achieving grade-level reading.

Sudies also shows that vocabulary skills are incredibly important and that a lag in vocabulary development puts children at an academic disadvantage before they start their first day of kindergarten. In addition, studies identifies the vital role that families play in helping their child/children develop the vocabulary and conceptual skills they will need over their lifetime.

As parent leaders for this initiative, Kinshasta Reed and I, April Hickman decided that BsideU for Life would be a great place to share what we are learning. The girls that walk through the door here are not often aware of their childs/children educational disadvantage or what they can do to help their child/children. They don’t fully understand the role that they play during their child/childrens educational career.

As parent leaders we help to provide them skills by introducing activities that require parent/caregiver interaction and vocabulary building. These activities are a great way to have fun and teach at the same time.  Our involvement as clients and advocates, helps us too passionately present skills we believe will change the future of the children in our neighborhoods. We don’t take our role here at BSideU lightly and with the help of God we will continue the mission of helping to RAISE THE BAR of our represented communities.

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