San’s Journey to Success

San’s Graduation Story


Colin Powell once said that “there are no secrets to success.”  “It is the result of preparation,” he said, “hard work and learning from failure.”  These wise words from Powell prove to be true, especially for our clients working towards their GED.

A client for many years, San Cing Numathang, has put in hours of preparation, hard work, and learning in hopes that one day she would pass her high school equivalency exam.  As an English-language learner, her journey has been arduous and long. However, San’s determination kept her spirits high and allowed her to move past failures and disappointments she experienced along the way.  What’s more, because of her steadfastness, she was able to complete and pass the last test standing in the way between her and her GED!

On June 5th, BSideU for Life was able to celebrate with San and her family to mark the completion of something she has worked for during the past few years.  We were delighted to be able to celebrate her achievement and praise God along with her for His work in her life. As she marched down the hallway in her cap and gown that day, other clients applauded and praised her accomplishments.  The beaming smile that San wore during the celebration demonstrates the joy that comes from trusting the Lord and relying on His strength to get us through our most trying times. So, with elated hearts, BSideU praises San’s achievement and cheers her on as she continues her education at JCTC and continues to trust in the Lord throughout her life.

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