Our 1st Graduate!!


On May 2nd of 2018, I graduated from Life Skills at BSideU For Life. In the lunchroom, Debbie told me I was graduating that day. I didn’t know I would be the only one that day.  I  was excited and nervous. When they called my name to come up there and get my diploma,  I started to cry, but I was so happy that I finished my classes. My teachers were there and they spoke about me and how I finished my classes. It was just all together a great day.

A friend told me about BSideU For Life, over a year ago. I was pregnant with my first child. My friend took me to the pregnancy center to get things for my child. In December 2017, I came to BSideU For Life.  After I started coming for a while I really liked it, and I love the teachers and people here. They have really helped me a lot, and I also have made good friends. I have learned a lot about God too.

I am not the same. They really helped me understand God and make my relationship with him better. I wanted to be closer to him, and they have really helped me with that. This place has really changed me. I look at things differently now with life. I didn’t think I could raise 2 kids at the time. Now I can handle it. This place has really encouraged me a lot. I plan to keep coming here in the future.

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