New Building, New Brand, New Energy

Since late 2014, we started a long-term project to move and grow the ministry—to find a new physical location to put our main pregnancy center, the 101 W. Market location of A Woman’s Choice Resource Center, and our life skills ministry, Necole’s Place, under one roof.   With the help of our Facilities Team, we found and started to “reckon” with this building, the former home of the Louisville Chapter of the American Cancer Society. 


Like any nonprofit ministry, we launched a building campaign.  First, it was just to get the building paid for.  But in 2016, it became a comprehensive campaign to pay for not just buying the building, but renovating it and cover all of our operating expenses for four years, with growth in mind!  With an initial matching challenge grant, we raised the funds to buy the building debt free in January of 2016, and through the ensuing 20 months, we planned and campaigned until God blessed us with the ability to move into the new building a month ago—we packed up Necole’s Place on October 26th, A Woman’s Choice at 101 W. Market on October 27th, and we started unpacking and getting settled the week of Halloween, to start ministering to women here on November 1.

But roll back the clock again.  While all that was going on, we started to think—one building, why two names?   In 1988, our ministry was founded to protect the unborn by reaching women in crisis pregnancies with the truth about abortion and Jesus Christ. It was known initially as Women for Life of Louisville, Inc. and after merging with another center named Alternatives Pregnancy Center, we became known as A Woman’s Choice Resource Center. In 2006, we opened Necole’s Place to assist the women we serve with training in basic life skills and discipleship. The expanded ministry was known by two names — A Woman’s Choice Resource Center & Necole’s Place — creating two identities across three locations, even though we were still a single ministry.   Sometimes it was confusing.

After committing to bring the two halves under one roof, we decided it made sense to unify our brand the way we are unifying our care for women. Why have two names in one location? We began a total re-branding effort . . . a process that spanned more than six months. With input from clients, financial supporters, board members, staff, and volunteers, we re-discovered a core value and practice present from our founding: we assure women and families in crisis that “We’ll be beside you.” That’s true during pregnancy and beyond — and even if she doesn’t choose life and needs healing and forgiveness after an abortion.

Saving babies is not enough — we are committed to save and empower the lives of the entire family. We needed to capture this truth in our brand as our promise to our clients. Today, we provide pregnancy testing, ultrasounds and pregnancy counseling, coupled with on-going life skills education and discipleship through a Christ-centered, holistic approach, just like we did last week, last month, and last year.

We decided that when we opened at 701 W. Muhammad Ali, A Woman’s Choice Resource Center and Necole’s Place would become BsideU for Life. What was once two separate—but connected—parts of one ministry are now combined into a cohesive and seamless whole, providing a continuum of care for the women and families we serve while maintaining our strategic spot next to Louisville’s abortion clinic, which next week also gets a makeover under the new brand.  Not only will we be telling clients “we are beside you,” we’ll be confirming for the abortion provider, EMW, “We are beside you for life, too!”


Here’s a link to our new brand reveal video, shared at the banquet this year:

Here’s a link to a virtual tour of the building that we put together for the banquet, before we moved in.  It doesn’t do the building justice, so come see how far we’ve come since this video was made:


Come visit!  The new location is beautiful and the staff and volunteers are excited to share it with you.


Here’s a news clip from our Ribbon Cutting last week:


Here’s a link to the Governor’s own social media about the Ribbon cutting: