Meet Life Skills Director Kimberly Robinson

The word for 2022? Uncomfortable. Each year Kimberly Robinson, our new Life Skills Director, chooses a word that God lays on her heart as a theme for that year, and this year’s word has certainly been appropriate. Kimberly has learned that God is entirely trustworthy, and that His plan for her life is right where she needs and wants to be, even if it takes her outside of her comfort zone.

At the time that Kimberly first began volunteering at BsideU For Life in March earlier this year, she had no idea that God was calling her to become our Life Skills Director. After learning about the ministry, she knew she needed to be a part of our mission, and started volunteering as a Client Advocate and as a teacher for some Life Skills classes. In July, she joined the staff as a part time Client Advocate, but even as she worked in those roles, she was repeatedly inspired with ideas for our Life Skills program. She kept sensing God’s leading to put the ideas on paper into a vision for the program. It became clear that God had been at work in His timing as in September, we needed someone to step up into the Director of Life Skills role. After a lot of prayer, Kimberly knew that God had placed her here for such a time as this, and decided to present the vision to our leadership team during an interview for the role. It’s not a position that Kimberly would have envisioned herself in, but she knows that it’s where God has called her to be.

Kimberly has deep experience working with women through non-profit organizations, most recently working with Youth for Christ as their Parent Life Director. Prior to that, she founded Hands of Hope 4 Women, an experience that she says specially prepared her for this role. Her passion is to help women realize life transformation through true and fresh encounters with Jesus. As Director of Life Skills, Kimberly’s goal is to build relationships with clients to build them up and invest in them over time, encouraging them in truth and love, and leading them to Jesus. She’s keenly aware that many of our clients have no other people in their lives, especially other women who are sowing into them, pointing them to their true identity as daughters of the King, a lens that changes everything.

Kimberly and her family, including two adult children and husband of 31 years have experienced tragedy and hardships, including the murder of her oldest son last year, that specially position Kimberly to be able to resonate with clients going through similar trials. She mentioned “I know first hand – you can trust God through everything! You can praise Him through everything, no matter what.” She is quick to point out that none of this is about her, but that it’s all about Jesus, as He’s our only hope.

Our Life Skills program exists hand in hand with our primary focus of protecting the unborn, and is a way that we can walk alongside mothers and their families, introducing them to a relationship with Jesus Christ, and teaching practical life skills. With Bible studies, parenting, job skills and money management classes, fitness and nutrition classes and GED tutoring, this area of our ministry wraps around our clients in a loving, supportive and encouraging environment. To get involved in our Life Skills ministry as a volunteer, click here.