Making Lemonade Out Of Lemons

Our baby bottle campaign is an exciting fundraising event that virtually anyone can participate in.

Our typical campaign starts on Mothers’ Day and ends on Fathers’ Day, it is also a great awareness campaign so anyone that may need us knows we are here for them. People, both young and old, pick up a baby bottle at their church then fill with loose change, dollar bills or a check over the next six weeks, then return them to their church for AWC to collect.

We love it when participants have clever and amazing fundraising ideas–especially when it is someone very young. This year Lilly Grace Bailey, an elementary student who attends Sojourn Community Church East, raised $20.40 all by herself selling cups of lemonade at her home lemonade stand and she donated it all to AWC to save babies!  That is philanthropy at its best. Thank you Lilly for giving sacrificially.  We truly appreciate you and your heart for this life saving ministry.

Sojourn East campus has participated in the campaign for several years and we are grateful for the dedication from that church and all the churches and groups that partner with A Woman’s Choice.  If your church has not participated yet this year we will do another campaign in the fall so please get in touch with us!  Call Neal Gish at 589-9400 to give us your church contact or to schedule your Baby Bottle Campaign, or Click HERE for more infomation.