Life Skills Class Spotlight – Healing From Abuse

Experiencing abuse in childhood can have lifelong consequences. Abuse destructively permeates a person’s life emotionally, mentally and physically. Abuse distorts the person’s view of self, who God created her to be; it distorts her view of other’s, it distorts God’s intent for relationships; and ultimately, it distorts her view of God.

Many of the women we serve have experienced abuse and/or trauma in childhood. Beginning next month, our Life Skills ministry will begin offering a healing group that will enable clients to understand what abuse is. We will look to the Bible to define abuse and examine the different types of abuse (physical, emotional, sexual, spiritual and mental). Participants will learn the four most persistent and destructive effects that abuse results in:  toxic shame, deadness, powerlessness and isolation. We’ll talk through how these effects impact relationship with God and relationships with others. 

Finally, we will explore and enter a path to healing by facing the brokenness that abuse causes. We will seek to understand the role and purpose of forgiveness in each participant’s healing. Ultimately, clients will learn how to begin to love and trust God, awakening from the deadness and numbness of their pain.

Our Healing Group will begin in March. Please pray for healing for the women that attend these group sessions.