Kentucky Legislation Update

A massive, bronze sculpture series called “The Miraculous Journey” exists outside of a newly built women and children’s hospital in Doha, Qatar. The artist, Damien Hirst, created the series of 14 sculptures that show the progressive stages of the development of a baby from conception through birth, and culminates with a 46-foot statue of a newborn baby boy. Click this link to see a video that displays the work.

With so many visitors from across the globe coming to Qatar for the World Cup this year, it’s doubtless that many encountered this display of the miracle of life. That’s a fitting example from a year where the right to life has taken center stage on a broad, political scale, but also on a personal one, as the issue has divided friends and family members. People have been forced to examine and evaluate their views on abortion in light of what we know about life in the womb from scientific discovery and ultrasound technology. The ugly truth about abortion is becoming harder to ignore, and extremist opposition has heated up in equal measure in a desperate attempt to hide the ugliness.

Looking at recent developments in our home state of Kentucky, we were disappointed to see the narrow defeat of Amendment 2 in November. 52% of voting Kentuckians voted no on the Amendment which sought to clarify that there was no right to abortion, nor was there a requirement for abortion funding found in our state constitution. The high-population urban centers swayed the results because a vast majority of Kentucky counties voted in favor of the amendment.

While that result did not change anything as it stands relative to abortion today in our state, it did impede the ability to stop activist judges who may seek to invent a right to abortion where it does not exist. Currently Kentucky’s two primary abortion restriction laws remain in place while the state Supreme Court reviews a challenge to those laws, brought by the two abortion clinics in the state. Thankfully, abortion remains illegal in our state, except in cases of danger to the life of the mother.

There is no published timeline for when the Kentucky Supreme Court will rule on this case, but in the meantime, we ask that you join us in prayer for the justices to protect the lives of all Kentuckians, especially those that are most vulnerable. BsideU For Life exists to provide the hope and support of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those affected by unplanned pregnancy, walking beside them for life.