As part of our Job Readiness class in January, we invited guest speakers from Family Scholar House to discuss their educational program. Family Scholar House is a nonprofit education program with five campuses, supported housing, and connected childcare. They help single parents seek higher education. We wanted to inform our clients of the opportunities to further their education, once they have a GED or High School Diploma.  Higher education will enable them to earn a living independent of government support.

As part of this partnership, our clients may attend the weekly Open House meetings that explain the program. They can also attend weeknight family meals at each campus.  Program participants have a case manager, and an academic advisor to guide them in educational decisions.

Education is a significant factor in allowing single parents to overcome poverty. We believe that giving single parents the chance to acquire stable housing and education support will allow them to support their families and pursue their dreams.  We are thankful for this Job-Readiness partnership with Family Scholar House and look forward to our clients’ success.