Graduation Celebration!

Walking beside our clients and their children means being there for them through trials, but also celebrating the blessings and accomplishments along the way. We got to do just that this month with Rena, who just earned her high school diploma! GED tutoring is one of the services we provide in our Life Skills program. Having a GED opens doors for employment and continued learning that would otherwise be closed. 

As a single mother of three, Rena has had to work hard to overcome significant obstacles to get to this point. Growing up in foster care, and not having a family support system, she’s endured homelessness and sole responsibility for her children. Late last year she got plugged in to the local YouthBuild program, and our life skills classes here at BsideU. Having a community of support and encouragement, coupled with a little help in child care has been the catalyst she needed to thrive in her education and faith. 

Having just celebrated her graduation, Rena is already planning for the future. She’s enrolled to continue her education in social work because she knows that she wants to use her accomplishment to help others who may be going through similar challenges. 

In addition to GED tutoring, our life skills education services include bible study, financial literacy, parenting, wellness classes and other practical skills. Each GED candidate is paired up with a mentoring teacher who helps them identify and focus on needed study areas, and champions them in their journey to achieve the credential. 

We are all very proud of Rena, the hard work she has put into her most recent success!  Way to go Rena!!