From Despair to Hope and Dreams that take to Wings!

It was a brief conversation in the lunchroom between class and bible study… April, one of the ladies from Necole’s Place, mentioned she had been working on her kids’ clothing designs and has a dream to one day make it to the runway in NYC. A few weeks later she tells me that she and her two young beautiful daughters had been given a scholarship to walk in the Society Fashion show in NYC during Fashion Week. I was giddy with joy for her. This was a dream for so long! And was it not just over a year ago that she was homeless, facing despair?

So, she was making plans to drive and attend NYC Fashion Week! Such hope for a mom that had never been more than three hours from her house. As a result I offered to go with her since I have traveled the world and am familiar with NYC. On a chilly morning, we all packed up, two little girls and two big girls full of hopes and dreams. We made it, safe and sound to the Big Apple! As the week flew by, I was astonished at how the hopes and dreams of this sweet momma grew and became reality. It seemed that everywhere we went God would open doors and give us favor! So much so, we were invited back to the next fashion show!

April’s faint dreams were very quickly becoming her reality with vibrant color! The whole car ride home we talked of the dreams… of designing an entire line to present at the next show, start marketing in order to be picked up by a major retailer, and becoming so established that they could be paid to design and model! The wonderful part of it all was the humble reality that it would all be done for the Glory of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Just as God had allowed us to speak and pray for people on this short trip, how much more so would he use the next trips for his glory.

It is truly amazing to watch the glory of God and the gospel unfold before your very eyes… to see a life rise from despair and hopelessness, to life, dreams, hopes and even greater dreams coming into reality! Only the true living God Jesus Christ could do such things! To Him we give all Thanks and Praise! So, watch out world! Here we come!

-by Katie Magee