Feeding the Soul

Conversations happen and relationships are built around meals. Whether that’s around a table, sharing good food, or in the kitchen, preparing it, food brings people together in ways that nothing else can. We are delighted to share that we’ve hired Heather Miles as our Lunch Room Coordinator, and we hope to bring full lunch service back in July!

Heather loves to cook. She’s also passionate about helping young women who are going through tough circumstances, and she sees this role as a special calling to bring her two passions together to uniquely encourage and walk alongside our clients. Heather has been meditating on John 21:15-17 where Jesus told Peter to feed His sheep. In a recent conversation, she shared – “I desire to help shepherd His flock; to love them through serving them, investing, getting involved and showing them I care about where they are in life. I want to show them that the love of Jesus is here to lead them somewhere else in life, that they don’t have to feel stuck in their circumstances, but that they can have new life, free of fear, anxiety, shame and brokenness.”

Working with the local health department over the past month, Heather has passed her personal certification, and anticipates facility certification to come through in July, but we require a new drain to be installed for our ice maker and prep sink. This will delay the permitting process but we are grateful for church partner Highview in providing some of the needed help with this improvement. Once that retro-fit is squared away, we’ll be able to start cooking and serving lunch again. We had to pause full lunch services during the pandemic, instead offering pre-packaged, box lunch items to clients and their children, forgoing the family-style lunch we and our clients loved since Necole’s Place opened in 2006. Bringing back this important component will enable the kind of community-building moments that are integral to building relationships with our clients and their children.

Many of our clients haven’t had experiences with moms who taught them to cook or passed down family recipes, and Heather sees this as an opportunity to break the cycle and encourage clients to get in the kitchen, involving their kids, and using fresh produce. She approaches it not just as physical food, but as spiritual food; a way to open doors to spiritual conversations.

Preparing and serving lunch is a great way to get involved in our ministry here at BsideU For Life. We need volunteers who can serve either just one time or regularly, either in a group or individually. However you might be able to help, we’d love to talk to you! Click here to learn more about this opportunity.