Client Story – A Transformed Life; Breaking the Cycle of Abuse

Karla’s background is full of trauma and extreme abuse, dating all the way back to when she was a child. Now that she is a mother herself, Karla is determined to raise her child in a different way. She participates in our Life Skills classes and is learning how to set healthy boundaries for herself and her preschooler. She is resolved to never speak harshly to her child or be an angry mom. Understanding God’s grace in her own life, Karla has forgiven those who have hurt her in the past and knows that her healthy, secure child is evidence of that grace and a reminder to extend God’s grace to those around her. BsideU For Life is Karla’s safe place to process her pain and ask questions and we have seen her grow over the past year in her relationship with the Lord and others.

*Client name has been changed for privacy.