Client Advocates – On the Front Lines of the Fight for Life

All of the staff and volunteers involved in the mission of BsideU For Life have an impact in saving babies and reaching their moms for Christ. Most critical among these roles in meeting a woman facing a crisis pregnancy at a life defining (and life saving) crossroads are our Client Advocates/Decision Coaches.

When a woman first walks through our doors, most often she is in crisis, feeling overwhelmed and needs to know she is loved, supported and not alone. A Client Advocate is the one who walks beside her through every step of her appointment, her decision, and beyond. The Client Advocate ensures the client feels safe, helps to talk through her situation and builds a foundational, trust-based relationship with the client by meeting them where they are without judgement.

Most of the women we serve come to us with what they see as insurmountable obstacles and a pressure to act quickly. Our Client Advocates help bring a sense of calm to the situation, encouraging the client to slow down and take the time to think things through. They also help clients to break through barriers, informing them about resources and coaching them through the physical, emotional and spiritual effects of pregnancy options.

So often the Client Advocate is the sole supportive, encouraging and hopeful voice in a client’s life at that given season, and represents the broader support offered through the BsideU For Life ministry beyond the initial appointment. A hopeful message, filled with grace and the truth about God’s plan for the client and her unborn baby can make the difference in a decision between life and death.

Our Client Advocates are truly on the front lines of the battle to change hearts and minds toward life, and we’re so thankful for the staff and volunteers that serve in this uniquely impactful role. We currently need a person who can serve in this role on our staff on a part time basis, and always need volunteers who can empathetically, patiently walk alongside our clients in this way. We will also soon need a full time Mobile Operations Manager who will serve as a Client Advocate in our mobile ministry, see for more details. A Client Advocate training session is scheduled for March 19th, and if you or someone you know would be a good fit to serve in one of these ways, please contact Christe Marshall at