Celebrating the Holidays at BsideU

For most of us, the holidays are synonymous with family gatherings. A time of togetherness and connection with those we love. Many of our clients are at a crossroads in their lives where they’re looking to make a change for the better for themselves and their child/children. That often means that they are leaving behind dysfunctional or dangerous relationships, leaving them feeling alone. BsideU For Life comes alongside women in this vulnerable place to support and champion them as they navigate positive life changes, and we are a family of sorts, especially during the holiday season as we celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas together. This year’s celebrations were no exception as staff, clients and their children gathered for good food and some quality time together.

For Thanksgiving, eight clients and their children joined us for a devotion and worship time, giving ultimate thanks to God. To focus on what each person was thankful for, we had a Thankfulness Tree that attendees could add “leaves” to. Everyone wrote something they were thankful for and posted it on the tree. Many noted thanks for their BsideU family. Some were thankful for a warm place to live, a good meal or God’s daily gift of grace. After this we all dug in to a delicious Thanksgiving lunch that was fun, loud (with all the children enjoying playing together) and a little messy, just like a good family gathering should be.

For our Christmas celebration, we also started out with a devotional time that included a gospel presentation. We had 13 clients and their children join us for this. As part of our worship time we sang some Christmas carols, then offered a Refit fitness class for those that wanted to participate. Clients were able to “shop” for toys for Christmas presents for their children thanks to the generosity of some of our partner churches who had donated the items. We had a separate room where clients could wrap the gifts they selected to give to their children on Christmas day. Special thanks also to the Little Flock 8th grade class who brought Christmas stockings full of gifts to give to all the children! We wrapped up our celebration around dining tables and shared Christmas lunch together.

Times like these are a reminder that family and friends are critical to a healthy and productive life, especially for children. Our clients are often seeking to leave behind old, unhealthy influences, and BsideU For Life is a first step in plugging in to a supportive, Christian community. We work with each woman and child that comes to us to first know who Christ is, and understand God’s love for them and their child/children, including the unborn. We then work to help them plug in to local churches where that Christian community can continue. It is a blessing and privilege to be on the front lines of seeing lives transformed, and there’s nothing we love more than to see lives changed through the power of Christ where a client can move beyond receiving to begin to give back in community to those around them. That is, aside from seeing saved babies of course!

We hope this holiday season has been blessed for you and your family! To find out how you can join us in the ministry here at BsideU For Life, click here.