Celebrating the Holidays at BsideU

Christmas and Thanksgiving celebrations are such an important part of what we do at BsideU. For many of our clients and their children, these are the only events they will participate in during the holiday season. We pull out all the stops, bring in our church partners and volunteers and have some wonderful events.

For Thanksgiving, Burnett Avenue Baptist Church provided some beautiful handmade table centerpieces and helped Heather, our Kitchen Manager, serve lunch. There were several fun games like Thanksgiving Bingo, along with prizes before lunch. Staff shared a devotional focusing on gratitude was shared and we focused on all of the things we have to be thankful for.

Our Christmas party was incredible! It was a day filled with games, gifts, great food and a focus on the greatest gift ever given, the gift of our Savior, Jesus Christ! We were overwhelmed to have so many of our church partners and anonymous individuals donate gifts, stockings and treats for our ladies and their families. Moms made a Christmas craft with their children, and Ms. Debbie emceed our Christmas edition of ‘Family Feud’.

How blessed we and our clients were! Staff leadership thinks we have never had so many donated Christmas gifts to our ladies & their families!!! Over both holiday celebrations, we had 32 women and 61 children attend, including some families from Nepal and Afghanistan.

We’re so thankful for the following groups and unnamed individuals who made these celebrations possible:

· Burnett Avenue Baptist Church

· Little Flock Christian Academy

· Little Flock Baptist Church

· Faith Community Church

· Okolona Christian Church

· Students from Boyce College

· Student from Sacred Heart

· Ist Church of the Nazarene

· Farmdale Nazarene

· Louisville Chapter of Child Evangelism Fellowship

We’re thankful for these and each of you who support our ministry here at BsideU. Thank you for keeping our families in your prayers. We praise the Lord for His faithful provision and grace to this ministry. Blessings to you all, and to God be the Glory!!