Cooking with New Roots

Thanks to Cassandra, one of our leadership clients, BsideU was able to partner with New Roots, the Fresh Stop Market, and the American Heart Association to provide farm fresh organic food for 12 of our clients during 2 cooking classes.  The Old Louisville Fresh Stop Market was the one utilized which is located on 4th street less than 1 mile from BsideU.  The assortment of 10 fresh vegetables was picked up on Wednesday evening for the Thursday morning 1 1/2 hour long class. This included instruction from a local chef who taught facts about vegetables, cutting skills, nutrition, storage, and other creative cooking techniques.

“The cooking class that was sponsored on August 2 and 16 by New Roots at BsideU For Life was amazing.  We learned how to properly cube cucumbers, squash, eggplant, onions, garlic, zucchini, and peppers with Chef Mark.  Chef Mark also gave us some valuable information on what vegetables provide as far as nutrients for our body.  We were also given (in both classes) vegetables and fruit such as watermelon, peaches, potatoes, tomatoes, okra, and lettuce to take home.  I had a wonderful time interacting with my peers and also with Chef Mark.  Hope to see Chef Mark real soon.  Thanks so much!” –Chrissy, class attendee

We would like to extend a big thank you to New Roots , Fresh Stop Market and the American Heart Association for partnering with us to make the above events possible!

Golf Wrap Up


Earlier this month we hosted our 10th Annual Rick Bordas Scramble for Life. With over 100 Golfers eager to learn and support the ministry at BsideU For Life.

Throughout the Scramble, we hosted a Scavenger Hunt of facts about our ministry giving each golfer the opportunity to learn more about the hearts changed and the lives saved through the ministry at BsideU.

One of our regular golfers was able to bring some personal friends to the Scramble. “Originally, they were not familiar with BsideU and how your organization works to spread Christ’s love but that activity gave them a feel for the impact you are making.” The scavenger hunt gave them the opportunity to learn about the 300 babies we saved last year and the 900 moms we were able to meet with and discuss their options to help them choose life.

The Scramble brought in over $46,000 to continue the work to save moms and babies with the hope and truth of the Gospel. We are so thankful to Inside Connect Cable, our title sponsor, and Sea Industries, our platinum sponsor, for making this scramble possible.

The Scramble was a huge success and a fun day to spend with our many friends and supporters. Mark next year’s Scramble on your calendar so we can be sure to see you there! Scramble For Life 2019 – Monday, June 3, 2019.

 Click here to see the teams and photos from this years Scramble!

Our 1st Graduate!!


On May 2nd of 2018, I graduated from Life Skills at BSideU For Life. In the lunchroom, Debbie told me I was graduating that day. I didn’t know I would be the only one that day.  I  was excited and nervous. When they called my name to come up there and get my diploma,  I started to cry, but I was so happy that I finished my classes. My teachers were there and they spoke about me and how I finished my classes. It was just all together a great day.

A friend told me about BSideU For Life, over a year ago. I was pregnant with my first child. My friend took me to the pregnancy center to get things for my child. In December 2017, I came to BSideU For Life.  After I started coming for a while I really liked it, and I love the teachers and people here. They have really helped me a lot, and I also have made good friends. I have learned a lot about God too.

I am not the same. They really helped me understand God and make my relationship with him better. I wanted to be closer to him, and they have really helped me with that. This place has really changed me. I look at things differently now with life. I didn’t think I could raise 2 kids at the time. Now I can handle it. This place has really encouraged me a lot. I plan to keep coming here in the future.

What We ‘Get to Do’


Jesus ends the story of the Good Samaritan with the question “Which of these do you think was the neighbor to the man?………..” The one who had mercy on him” was answered. Jesus replied ”Go and do likewise.”

We are able to follow this direction from Jesus on a day to day basis through this ministry. The following are just a few of the examples:

A young mother of 5 that we have known for several years came in last month during a life crisis. She had left her job, after 3 ½ years because of a domestic violence situation, she came to us for direction and Christian counsel. We were able to give her several resources, pray and encourage her. She immediately took the information and followed through during this time off from work. She worked with one of our partners, Seed to Oak, and started a new job with Kia Motors, which will be a great life advancement for her and her children. She and her 14 year old daughter worked together on a financial workbook Seed to Oak had given her. Through this encounter, she knew she could come here in any crisis to find the help and support she needs, and her 14 year old daughter is witnessing the love and support her mother and she get through the ministry. This client had been in foster-care in her teens, has limited support and this is where she has come through the years for support.

Another 35 year old woman, we’ve known for 9 years has struggled with addiction. She doesn’t have custody of her 3 children, is in a sober living program and trying to stay on track.  We love and pray with her, have met one on one and started a Bible study to help strengthen her faith and resolve to follow and trust Jesus. During one of these sessions, she was amazed to realize that Jesus did not have to go to the cross, “He could have called 10,000 angels” but prayed “God’s Will be Done”  That we too, can ask God to “take this cup from us.” But chose His Will for our life. When she states she wants to “quit” we’ve assured her, WE WILL NOT give up on her!!

We are all so encouraged to see one of our ladies continue to stay on the straight and narrow, after following her through drug addiction and working with local drug rehab programs for the past 2 years. She has gained custody of her 3 year old child and they have moved out of downtown into a house with a yard. She has been attending church with one of our staff members and prayed to be saved after our chapel service this month.  What a blessing and encouragement it is to see her grow in her faith, making difficult but good changes in her life that will help her and her children live a better, blessed life.

There are days I just stop and listen to our girls talk and laugh and enjoy the freedom and gift of just being together.  We see the Lord’s Hand daily here, He lifts burdens, He convicts hearts when needed and draws lost ones to a place where they will hear His Name often.

 How blessed we are to “get to” serve Him and these women!

KY Pregnancy Centers’ Impact

Get Ready For Your New Baby – Baby Proofing Basics

One of the first things that goes through a new parent’s mind is the need for safety. Baby proofing your home is a major concern – and rightfully so. Many accidents that happen in the home can be prevented with a few safety precautions.

Before you spend a penny on baby proofing accessories, take an inventory throughout your home to look for trouble spots. Some examples of baby dangers are

  • chemicals
  • open toilets
  • bathtub faucets
  • sharp edges on tables and other furniture
  • staircases
  • unprotected electrical outlets
  • heavy furniture such as bookcases and entertainment centers that could fall on baby
  • window blind cords
  • electrical appliances
  • sharp utensils
  • doors that lock on the inside
  • choking hazards

As you’re going through your home making a baby-proofing inventory, make sure that you don’t stay on your feet. Get on your hands and knees and get a baby’s eye level view of your home.

When you look at the above list, you may begin to feel overwhelmed – but don’t panic! Baby proofing doesn’t have to be done all in one day – especially if you start early in your pregnancy and baby’s life.

You should begin thinking about baby proofing as soon as you decide to become a parent. However, even after your baby is born you have a little time to get the job done. At first, your baby won’t be able to move around the house at will and this gives you time to get your baby proofing done if you haven’t already completed it. Certainly, before your baby is crawling, you should have your baby proofing completed.

Many parents work hard at baby-proofing their home, but don’t take care of the hidden choking hazards that are lurking.

An easy test to determine whether or not an object is a choking hazard is to see if it will fit through the hole in a toilet paper roll. If an object can easily slide through, it can easily be picked up by small hands and put in the mouth.

Make sure that you don’t make a baby-proofing mistake by overlooking common objects in your home that could spell big danger.

Once you know what areas of your home need baby proofing, you can make some simple modifications to improve safety. Childproof latches, socket covers, and simply picking up dangerous objects can help make your home safer for your baby and improve your peace of mind.

Child Like Faith

God is moving in the hearts of our youth. Two 12-year old girls Ella Cordrey and Kyra Stienrock are the perfect example of that. These girls are best friends that needed a service project. While attending the Sanctity of Life service in January at Southeast Christian they heard about the Baby Bottle Campaign. They were inspired to hold a donation campaign for the 2nd grade Bible study that they lead at school. This group of children around age 8 raised over $100 in funds. The money they raised will help support moms and save babies.


In our new building, we have this beautiful chapel on the 4th floor. It has been a joy for the staff to dream about how this space will be utilized. It will likely serve a number of purposes, but one of the first things we have launched is our “Every Other Friday Afternoon Worship Service”. Sandy Gross, our “Life Skills Program Director”, had an idea to create a regular time in our schedule for worship, devotional time, prayer and testimony. This chapel service is designed for our clients, but staff, volunteers and supporters are welcome to drop in on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month at 1-2pm.
Our current format involves what we call our “Song of the Day”. We choose a song that we think will speak to our young women. We play it, talk about the message of the lyrics, and then we do our best to sing it together. We also have a segment called “From Story to Skit”. Our clients love interactive lessons, so we select a story from the Gospels, talk about it—then gather volunteers from the group to act out the story. I have to admit that we have some awesome actresses in our midst. Since the stories of Scripture are unfamiliar to some of our girls, this is a great way to help etch them into their memories. We recently reenacted the story of the woman who cried tears on Jesus’ feet, and wiped them with her hair. Our client who played the part of the woman was so moved by her role in the story that she actually did break down into tears, sensing that Christ was so merciful to her in the midst of her own past.

We also have a time called “What is God Teaching You”, where clients get the opportunity to share testimonies about their personal journey. We typically close with both teaching and participation in prayer. This most recent chapel service we all shared three written prayer concerns, and paired up clients and staff to pray for each other for the two weeks in between our services.
It is a great start because it feels like worship, it feels like family, and the joy and teamwork we have experienced is bringing us closer to God and to one another.
Dr. Dennis Kaufman

Life Skills

Life Skills Curriculum is Here (By: Sandy Gross)
After years of prayer and preparation, we are excited to announce that we have successfully launched our Life Skills Curriculum.
On Monday, February 5th, Dr. Dennis Kaufman, kicked off the program. He offered our students course one in a series of twelve classes on Relational Wellness. This highly anticipated and customized course work was developed internally, based on over ten years of experience teaching and leading at risk women through Necole’s Place. During those years, Dr. Kaufman (Doctor K as we lovingly call him) realized that traditional methods of teaching may not be the most effective means to penetrate the hearts and minds of our clients. Instead, Dr. K began developing a therapeutic style teaching method that relies more heavily on group participation and guided conversation than the strict dissemination of knowledge or information. This style allows for students to develop key life skills such as communication, trust, and personal responsibility.
The Life Skills curriculum focuses on three areas for personal success: Personal Well-Being, Relational Wellness, and Financial Readiness. Personal Wellness is being taught by our Program Director, Sandy Gross and Financial Readiness is offered by two of our qualified staff members, Debbie Gahan and Client Care Coordinator, Stephanie Virg.
If you were to sit in on one of these weekly courses, you would likely see both smiles and tears as the students navigate together through the complex emotional pathways of their troubled lives. You would watch the girls interact together in positive life affirming ways, as well as eagerly encourage one another to “Raise The Bar” as we like to say.
Personal Well-Being focuses on understanding who you are (mind, body and soul), overcoming insecurity, healing emotional wounds, putting God first, learning from the past, renewing your mind through God’s word, taking control over your life, and more.
Relational Wellness focuses on learning to recognize toxic relationships, setting personal boundaries, choosing safe people, building positive communication skills, understanding men, and more.
Financial Readiness takes the students on a trip through basic money management, learning how to save, creating a budget, understanding credit reports, balancing a checkbook, breaking the dependence cycle, generous living, and more.
Each course will have its own certificate of completion culminating into a graduation certificate for those who complete the minimum requirements in all three disciplines.
Our hope is to see dozens of students graduate by the end of 2018 and to add Job Readiness to the coursework by early 2019.

Sandy Gross