Journey To Success

Journey to Success

My journey to success has not always been an easy one, in fact, it was the longest road I have ever taken but gets a little better with each new accomplishment.  In this letter, I am going to open up about my journey with all of you and share my trials and tribulations in hopes to help inspire the next person walking a familiar road.

My story starts the way most low-income family households start.  I grew up in a home with a single mother and a few siblings.  Food stamps and child support were our only source of income.  My mother would work from time to time but she never really could keep a job.

I realized my passion in life at the age of 10.  I knew I loved helping people and bringing joy to other people’s lives.  At just 11 years old, I helped comfort a grieving mother after her drug-addicted daughter ran away from home.  From there my need to help grew stronger with each new year.  I was always a very shy and quiet young woman so I did not start dating until the age of nineteen.

My first boyfriend was my kid’s dad I met the day after I graduated high school.  We were so in love in the beginning that we jumped in way too fast, but that’s what happens when you’re young and don’t have a healthy relationship to look up to.  My mother did not date because being a single mother to three girls she always feared that men would harm us if she dated, so she sacrificed being in a relationship for us, that is a mother’s love for you.  My father, on the other hand, jumped from one bad relationship to the next. He was not a bad person or anything; he just opened his heart to the wrong women, but for impressionable young women that can cause a lot of damage.

While being with my kid’s dad I dealt with a lot of physical and mental abuse, and with each day, it got hard to get out of bed in the morning, but you can do all things through God.

I had my one year old daughter, was pregnant with my son, grieving over the death of my mother, and taking up to four college classes, while still being abused by my kid’s dad.  I was bad off.  I felt like I had nowhere to turn.  The only thing that was getting me through this was my children.  I loved them both so much.  The only thing that kept coming to my mind, at the time, was if I loved them so much how could I keep them in this dangerous environment.  Even worse, bring a new baby in the middle of all this pain and hate, so I felt abortion was the only way to save my child from having to grow up in a bad environment.  When you give up hope that is when God is working overtime for your benefit.  I gave up on myself but God never gave up on me, he was already making moves for me I just could not see it for myself.  The number I found in the phone book that I thought was an abortion clinic was actually the Center for Women & Families and they referred me to at Necole’s Place (now BsideU For Life) and they offered me life.  To help guide and strengthen me to become the woman God always meant for me to be.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart BsideU For Life.  When I was lost, you helped me find my way back to God.  In addition, you helped change my life for the better, and thanks to everyone’s love and prayers I made it, graduated from Jefferson Community College with my Associate degree,  and have been accepted into Spalding University School of Social Work!


I am forever Grateful.


Keisha Sutton

Better than Mana from Heaven

Better than Mana from Heaven

We have been providing lunch to our life skills clients since 2006.  It has been such a blessing and opportunity for our church partners to contribute to our lunch program.

River Valley Christian Church has been our longest contributing church. They have provided lunch on Thursdays since 2007.  As we’ve added churches to our lunch program, River Valley has continued providing lunch on the last two Thursdays of the month during the school year.

We are sad to report that Thursday, May 30, 2019 was their last day to serve lunch to our clients. River Valley has joined Southeast Christian Church as their River Valley Campus and the ladies’ group is going through some changes so it was time for them to take a break.

We want to thank the River Valley family for blessing us through the years–their food was heavenly. Linda Ernst (pictured with Angie Martin) and Lisa Bujol were our contacts with the church over the years and the ladies we were able to work with and come to love!

We will miss them and their wonderful food dearly.   Thank you so much River Valley ladies for your time, skills and devotion given to this ministry.  You truly blessed us!


And…… if anyone is interested in joining us in providing and serving lunch to help fill this gap, please contact Angie Martin Ministry Services Manager, 589-9400  Ex. 126 or email:

Cooking Matters by Dare to Care

Cooking Matters by Dare to Care


I would like to take a minute to express my gratitude for Healthy Starts/FSU and BesideU4life for partnering together to teach women and mother’s like me how to make healthy choices and cook using fresh meats and vegetables.  Last Thursday was the first week of a 6 week long program to kick off healthy eating and cooking.  A woman from FSU came and taught us about the healthy plate which is the new food pyramid, while a certified chef began to cook a healthy meal before our eyes.  There were 15 women from besideU4life came together and helped prepare turkey tacos with collard greens.  We learned things like how to add beans and tomatoes to the dish to add more health content, instead of using ground beef we cooked with turkey and even added zucchini into the meat to add a little extra nutrition.


One of the best parts about the cooking session was the taste test at the end and the fact that each participant got to take home all of the ingredients to make their own turkey tacos that would feed a family of 4.  The event is definitely a big success and I can’t wait to go back today and see what we are cooking up for lunch.  Thank you again to all those who helped set up and organize the event.  I have already learned a few things I didn’t know about healthy food substitution and have cooked the recipe from last week in my own kitchen.  I really appreciate this unique learning experience.


BY Theresa Scheitz

Rick Bordas Scramble For Life Wrap Up

Rick Bordas Scramble For Life Golf Wrap Up

Earlier this month we hosted our 11th Annual Rick Bordas Scramble for Life. We had 22 teams with about 88 Golfers eager to pray and support the ministry of BsideU For Life.

Throughout the Scramble, we hosted a Scavenger Hunt of facts about our ministry giving each golfer the opportunity to learn more about the hearts changed and the lives saved through this ministry.

The Scramble brought in a net amount of over $38,000 to continue the work to save babies and moms with the hope and truth of the Gospel. We are so thankful to L&N our Title sponsor, and Sea Industries our Platinum sponsor and all of our Gold, Silver, and Specialty sponsors for making this scramble possible. Click here to see the complete list of sponsors.  Please support them with your business.  You can also find photos from this years event.

The Scramble was a huge success and a fun day to spend with our many friends and supporters. Mark next year’s Scramble on your calendar so we can be sure to see you there! Scramble For Life 2020 – Monday, June 1, 2020

KenDucky Oaks Race

KenDucky Oaks Race

On May 3 we held our 2nd Annual Oaks Day Party! The ladies enjoyed making Derby hats while their kids decorated jockey-silk coloring sheets and colored rubber duckies with jockey silk colors. The kids used straws to blow the ducks across a small pool in our First Annual KenDucky Oaks race!  Our float decoration and parade plans were cancelled due to weather this year, but we will revisit the parade next year.

At 11:30am the 701 Chow Wagon opened in our lunchroom. Our version served favorites such as funnel cakes, deep fried candy bars, lemon shake-ups, brats, corn dogs, burgers, nachos, walking tacos, ice cream novelties and Derby pie! 


We are so grateful for all the volunteers and staff that helped make the day happen! We had an outpouring of help from Love Thy Neighborhood and some of our regulars! Looking forward to next year! 

By Angie




I just want to take a minute to express my appreciation for BsideU For Life and all of the wonderful people that have helped me to get where I am right now.  When I showed up on the doorstep here in early December I was at a loss on what next steps I should take in my life.  I had just graduated from a 7 month residential facility for addicted pregnant women, moved into a room in transitional housing, and was desperate to stay sober, take care of my 4 month old daughter, and find my higher power.  In all of the A.A. meetings that I went to, they suggested we pray to a higher power.  I had no idea what my higher power was. I had been raised Catholic, but never studied a bible before or prayed out loud.  I knew that I was desperate for something, but I didn’t know what it was or how to get myself back on track.  I was truly spiritually broken at that point.

After 14 years of fighting alcoholism and trying to act like I had it together and could do it on my own, God did for me what I couldn’t do for myself.  My secret was out, and I lost my 14 year career as a teacher and my 3 bedroom house. I wrecked my car so many times my family took it from me because I was a threat like everyone on the road drinking and driving.  My savings was gone, and I got so desperate for alcohol after I ran out of money that I drank hand sanitizer, mouthwash, and rubbing alcohol.  I had been to 6 rehabs, the E.R. and the healing place twice. I finally got kicked out of detox and was homeless for a while.  I learned I was pregnant and tried to stop drinking, but it only lasted 63 days.  Afraid for the life of my unborn baby, I checked into the New Vision program at Norton’s.  They admitted me to a lockdown recovery center for pregnant women where I stayed until I delivered my daughter.

Upon graduation they gave me a list of community resources and BsideU For Life was the first name on the list.  I had no idea when I opened up the door what opportunities would open in my life.  It’s like God placed me exactly where I needed to be when all I hoped for was some diapers.   I had no information about the program and the services it offered.  The women at the door were extremely helpful and sent me to the 3rd floor where Debbie at the front desk informed me that if I went to two classes I could get diapers. She gave me a list of all the services that were offered.

The first class was parenting with love and logic. And Dr. Kaufman was an amazing teacher.   I went into the second class, which was bible study taught by Mrs. Sandy, and I had never actually opened or read bible verses before.  It amazed me that the she was so knowledgeable, and the topic sparked an interest in me.  I went home that day with a lot more than the diapers I came to get.  It took a few weeks for me to come back, but when I did everyone seemed to remember me and knew me by name.  After going to classes for a while I mentioned to Dr. Kaufman that the transitional facility had helped me get into two graduate classes, and I was getting behind on my work because I had no childcare.  He gave me permission to go into the computer lab and do classwork while my daughter was downstairs in daycare.

I have been coming to the computer lab consistently for a few months now and with the help of Danita and her knowledge of computers and technology, (I am not good with computers) I turned a failing grade in one of my classes up to a B, and in the other class earned an A this past quarter.  Danita taught me how to organize my assignments in different formats, convert files, edit my work and even create a folder on the desktop for me.  She is always encouraging and has helped me work through many problems that I have had.  I have been near tears a few times when I thought a file disappeared and somehow she was able to recover it.  After I spent over 45 minutes trying to create a header and page number on a paper she was able to show me how to do it in a few minutes.  She is truly a Godsend and even reminds me when its 3 minutes before the hour if I lose track of time -so I can get to daycare on time.

There is no way that I could have completed classes without the people here at BsideU For Life.  This summer I am taking 12 hours of graduate courses, and I will be able to go back into the classroom and be certified to teach again in August.  I cannot express my gratitude to everyone here.  I feel safe leaving my daughter in childcare and know that she is in good hands.

It’s all of the little things that make this place so special.   My daughter loves going to childcare, and Angie even makes sure they have an applesauce and yogurt out at lunch for her.  Half of the time when I come from the computer lab to get her after lunch she is asleep and being rocked by one of the women there.  She recently started trying to stand, and I mentioned it to Mrs. Suzy who walked into the donation closet and came out with a walker/scooter for her.  My daughter is never without shoes, clothes, diapers or basic essentials.  There is no way I can ever repay the people at beside you for life for all they have done.  It is a true ministry, and my faith in God has grown so much stronger.  I can now actually quote things from scripture, and don’t mind praying aloud in front of a group.  Thank you to everyone at BsideU For Life. You have been a lifesaver for my daughter and me.

Theresa Scheitz

Showering a Saved Baby

Showering a Saved Baby

Our campus outreach coordinator threw a Baby Shower for a student parent who attends the University of Louisville. Rachel is currently a sophomore at the University of Louisville working towards a degree in Speech Pathology. Rachel is a mama to two beautiful children, Jace and Kate. When she became pregnant late fall of last year, Rachel felt like she had no other choice, but to have an abortion. She arrived for an appointment at Planned Parenthood where they referred her to the Indianapolis Planned Parenthood for an abortion. Rachel drove up to the clinic parking lot and sat in the car. She pulled out her phone before going into the building and called one of the nurses at BsideU for Life. Through her conversation with the nurse and later the campus outreach coordinator. Rachel decided to leave the Planned Parenthood parking lot that day and not undergo an abortion. Once she was connected with Alex, the campus outreach coordinator, she received support and assistance as she navigated school and family life, knowing she would be having her third child. Alex, the campus outreach coordinator, threw Rachel a baby shower in April to celebrate the baby’s life and the mother-to-be. Rachel’s family is not supportive of her decision to choose life, but we are! She is looking forward to welcoming another boy into the family and has been so grateful for the support she’s received from BsideU for Life.


Local Business Owner Partners with BsideU for Life

Local Business Owner Partners with BsideU for Life

BsideU for Life was grateful to welcome local business owner Molley Ricketts into our Life Skills department.

Over the past four weeks, Ricketts and her team at Incipio Workforce Solutions, have been working closely with our staff and students.  They have developed and facilitated a four week interactive course on personal branding as it relates to career planning.  During that time our students have benefited from their professional experience and expertise. Discussions about resume writing, building an appropriate social media presence, and preparing for an interview were just a few of the topics they covered. Their insights lead to robust conversations between our girls.


Incipio Workforce solutions has pledged to partner with BsideU for Life over the next two years as part of their own internal “community building” initiative. They have a strong commitment to local non-profit organizations who serve at risk women and children in the Louisville area.   According to Ricketts, choosing BsideU for Life was an easy decision made after her and her team visited our new location at 701 West Muhammad Ali Boulevard a few months ago.

It would be difficult not to be deeply moved and impressed by the great work being done in the lives of our students”, said Sandy Gross, Director of Life Skills Programming.  “Many people are more familiar with our crisis pregnancy center than they are the continuing care women receive through our life skills department.  With more than a dozen courses, a full cafeteria, and a beautiful child care facility we are able to offer our students a top notch Christ centered experience Monday through Friday all year long.”

 The team from Incipio plans to offer additional courses in the Fall of 2019 and again in 2020.  This kind of ongoing commitment from a local business is what helps keep our Life Skills Program not only relevant to our students, but helps to ease the already extensive workload on our small but effective team of instructors.

We are very grateful for Molley and her team and we look forward to working closely with them in the months and years to come.

Her Choice To Heal

Theresa Skeeters leads our post-abortion recovery ministry.  Since moving into our new facility, we’ve offered a recovery bible study five times.  We’ve just adopted a new curriculum and Theresa shares her perspective here.

The post-abortion ministry at BsideU for Life has provided hope and healing for wounded women for over 20 years.  I have been involved in these groups for almost 14 years and have been honored to serve approximately 175 women during this time.

I have seen women carry the guilt, shame, and regret of abortion for years. As they come through the support ministry, they experience freedom and healing at a deep level that can only be found in Jesus Christ.

The Lord heals each individual heart as we bond through the study together.

We have adopted a new training curriculum entitled, “Her Choice to Heal,” and we are in the midst of this study now.  It is designed to reach ladies who may not be as familiar with the Bible, and yet it directs us to the scriptures throughout the eight weeks we are in the group together.  The book deals with the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual issues after abortion.


If you or someone you know needs a safe and confidential place to find hope and freedom to move forward, please refer them to BsideU for Life.  We will love them and not judge them as we walk this journey together.

                                                                                                                      In His Grace Everyday – Theresa Skeeters

Cooking with Class

Our Life Skills program teaches a cooking class once a month, and our last class focused on processing fresh vegetables. Each student chose a vegetable they had never prepared, and learned how to process it. The 11 vegetables included broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, carrots, squash, zucchini, onions, green beans, red peppers, mushrooms, and potatoes.  Once the vegetables were cut up, we made Ultimate Roasted Veggies and Chicken by adding olive oil, ranch seasoning, garlic seasoning, salt and pepper, and Parmesan cheese.