Giving Thanks 2018

Thanksgiving, we had more than 70 things to be thankful for…we had over 40 clients and children plus staff and volunteers.

The clients did a Mustard Seed craft for inclusion in care packs we will be making in the future for our homeless brothers and sisters. It includes a little bottle which has one mustard seed in it, with an attached card and a personal note that will be included in the packs. The back of the card references Matthew 17:20.
We also played The Price is Right where the clients bid on components of a Thanksgiving meal. Clients took home dressing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, rolls, butter, a turkey breast and much more!
Three deep fried turkeys were donated by Louisville Rescue mission and the staff pitched in for the rest of the meal. We had a true feast!
Praise the Lord for his provisions.

Tis The Season 2018

The holiday season is a great time to spend time with family and friends and the same is true at BsideU For Life. We were able to stop and catch up with our clients in December. It was a day for the kids and moms to enjoy. They had an ugly sweater party along with making jewelry and Christmas ornaments and a special time of Christmas karaoke with our life skills director Sandy Gross. BsideU For Life staff & clients got to enjoy a wonderful Christmas party meal of assorted appetizers and finger foods. Prayer was led by Dr. Dennis Kaufman and several of our clients read us this story of the Nativity.

“Mary is the young woman who was selected by God to carry the child who would become the Savior of the World. Joseph was the man Mary was engaged to when she became pregnant as a virgin, the Shepards the caretakers of a flock of sheep had been out in the fields when an angel of the Lord appeared and announced the upcoming birth of the Christ child, Wise men of Magi  who were seekers of truth and saw the star that signified the birth of a king. They brought gifts of gold, incense, and myrrh.  Baby Jesus, his birth was unique, no one has ever come into the world the way he did. He would live a perfect life and become a sacrifice for our sins. John 3:16 says, For God so love the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whoever believes in him would not perish, but have eternal life”.

Ark Encounter

BsideU For Life was recently blessed with tickets for a select number of life skills clients (those who completed the new 12 week curriculum, e-school students, and leadership team members) and accompanying staff to spend a day at the Ark Encounter in Williamstown Kentucky.  This was made possible through a donor’s personal connection with the Answers in Genesis ministry (ask and you shall receive!).

The outing was both a fun field trip but more so a faith strengthening examination of scripture brought to life.  Dr. Kaufman prepared a lesson on Genesis 6-9 for our hour and a half long drive to prepare our hearts and minds for what we were about to experience in the physical world.  Both clients and staff were overwhelmed with the actual size and sensory experience the Ark Encounter provided.  Whether it was feeling the wind, hearing the thunder and lightning, seeing how the animals were caged, to how waste and fresh water was provided for Noah, his family, and all the animals, the experience was truly unforgettable.

We were also richly blessed with a personal tour guide who stayed with us throughout the experience to point out details we would have otherwise missed.  This was truly a faith building moment for all.  We are grateful for the support of donors, the generosity of other ministries, our dedicated clients and our faithful staff.  May God continue to bless the ministry and reveal Himself to us daily in both small and “ark” sized ways!

30 Years of Amazing Grace

Come Celebrate Saved Lives!

On October 2nd, BsideU for Life will be hosting our annual Benefit Event to celebrate our 30 years of ministry. This banquet is all about celebrating 30 years of Amazing Grace and the 9,500 lives saved through the ministry of BsideU. Doors open at 5:30p.m. and the program begins at 6:00p.m.

Order your tickets now.

This year, we are excited to host a dynamic panel of pro-life leaders who will discuss the intersection of our culture, the Church and the importance of pregnancy centers. Our Speakers this year are Roland Warren, President and CEO of CareNet (a national network of pregnancy centers); John Stonestreet,  President of The Colson Center for Christian Worldview, see a video clip of John here ,; and Dave Stone, Senior Pastor of Southeast Christian Church (one of four founding churches of the BsideU ministry).

Our speakers will discuss the impact and importance of pregnancy centers and how to engage a pro-choice culture with the truth and love of the gospel.

Reserve your seat today! Let’s celebrate 30 years of changing hearts and saving lives!

For more information about tickets or sponsorship opportunities e-mail Kristi Collins at or call at (502) 589-9400.


Roland Warren’s Testimony

Roland and Yvette Warren’s Story from Care Net on Vimeo.


John Stonestreet on Engaging the Culture




TEAM LIFE was a huge success!

On Saturday, August 11th, we hosted over 95 riders to in our 7th annual TEAM LIFE Bike Ride. Together, our riders raised over $40,000 for BsideU For Life to continue the work of changing hearts and saving lives.

This year our riders got to choose between three mileages: 10-mile, 28-mile, and 53-mile.  The ride also included a motorcycle lead off and a spin class hosted by Southeast Christian Church and the Norton YMCA.

Our Team Life Captain, Ed Sitzler, said “I truly believe that this years ride was extra special. We added the 10-mile route, we had the guys on the Harleys escort us out at the start, the weather was nearly perfect, everyone survived, the Boy Scouts did a fantastic job running the sags, the volunteers did an excellent job, and all the food was great.”

The Team Life ride wouldn’t have been possible without our amazing sponsors. Thank you so much to our Sponsors for your partnership and support of the ministry at BsideU For Life.

To everyone who came out to ride, thank you so much. Everything we get to do is “because of your partnership in the gospel”.  (Philippians 1:5)

If you didn’t get a chance to ride this year, but would like to sign-up for next year’s ride, mark your calendar for Saturday, August 10, 2019!  We would love to have more cyclists, motorcycles and spin classes involved in our Team Life Ride next year.

If you have questions about the ride or would like to send in a donation to sponsor our TEAM Life rider and support the ministry at BsideU For Life, e-mail Kristi Collins at or visit our TEAM LIFE funding page!

Cooking with New Roots

Thanks to Cassandra, one of our leadership clients, BsideU was able to partner with New Roots, the Fresh Stop Market, and the American Heart Association to provide farm fresh organic food for 12 of our clients during 2 cooking classes.  The Old Louisville Fresh Stop Market was the one utilized which is located on 4th street less than 1 mile from BsideU.  The assortment of 10 fresh vegetables was picked up on Wednesday evening for the Thursday morning 1 1/2 hour long class. This included instruction from a local chef who taught facts about vegetables, cutting skills, nutrition, storage, and other creative cooking techniques.

“The cooking class that was sponsored on August 2 and 16 by New Roots at BsideU For Life was amazing.  We learned how to properly cube cucumbers, squash, eggplant, onions, garlic, zucchini, and peppers with Chef Mark.  Chef Mark also gave us some valuable information on what vegetables provide as far as nutrients for our body.  We were also given (in both classes) vegetables and fruit such as watermelon, peaches, potatoes, tomatoes, okra, and lettuce to take home.  I had a wonderful time interacting with my peers and also with Chef Mark.  Hope to see Chef Mark real soon.  Thanks so much!” –Chrissy, class attendee

We would like to extend a big thank you to New Roots , Fresh Stop Market and the American Heart Association for partnering with us to make the above events possible!

Golf Wrap Up


Earlier this month we hosted our 10th Annual Rick Bordas Scramble for Life. With over 100 Golfers eager to learn and support the ministry at BsideU For Life.

Throughout the Scramble, we hosted a Scavenger Hunt of facts about our ministry giving each golfer the opportunity to learn more about the hearts changed and the lives saved through the ministry at BsideU.

One of our regular golfers was able to bring some personal friends to the Scramble. “Originally, they were not familiar with BsideU and how your organization works to spread Christ’s love but that activity gave them a feel for the impact you are making.” The scavenger hunt gave them the opportunity to learn about the 300 babies we saved last year and the 900 moms we were able to meet with and discuss their options to help them choose life.

The Scramble brought in over $46,000 to continue the work to save moms and babies with the hope and truth of the Gospel. We are so thankful to Inside Connect Cable, our title sponsor, and Sea Industries, our platinum sponsor, for making this scramble possible.

The Scramble was a huge success and a fun day to spend with our many friends and supporters. Mark next year’s Scramble on your calendar so we can be sure to see you there! Scramble For Life 2019 – Monday, June 3, 2019.

 Click here to see the teams and photos from this years Scramble!

Our 1st Graduate!!


On May 2nd of 2018, I graduated from Life Skills at BSideU For Life. In the lunchroom, Debbie told me I was graduating that day. I didn’t know I would be the only one that day.  I  was excited and nervous. When they called my name to come up there and get my diploma,  I started to cry, but I was so happy that I finished my classes. My teachers were there and they spoke about me and how I finished my classes. It was just all together a great day.

A friend told me about BSideU For Life, over a year ago. I was pregnant with my first child. My friend took me to the pregnancy center to get things for my child. In December 2017, I came to BSideU For Life.  After I started coming for a while I really liked it, and I love the teachers and people here. They have really helped me a lot, and I also have made good friends. I have learned a lot about God too.

I am not the same. They really helped me understand God and make my relationship with him better. I wanted to be closer to him, and they have really helped me with that. This place has really changed me. I look at things differently now with life. I didn’t think I could raise 2 kids at the time. Now I can handle it. This place has really encouraged me a lot. I plan to keep coming here in the future.

What We ‘Get to Do’


Jesus ends the story of the Good Samaritan with the question “Which of these do you think was the neighbor to the man?………..” The one who had mercy on him” was answered. Jesus replied ”Go and do likewise.”

We are able to follow this direction from Jesus on a day to day basis through this ministry. The following are just a few of the examples:

A young mother of 5 that we have known for several years came in last month during a life crisis. She had left her job, after 3 ½ years because of a domestic violence situation, she came to us for direction and Christian counsel. We were able to give her several resources, pray and encourage her. She immediately took the information and followed through during this time off from work. She worked with one of our partners, Seed to Oak, and started a new job with Kia Motors, which will be a great life advancement for her and her children. She and her 14 year old daughter worked together on a financial workbook Seed to Oak had given her. Through this encounter, she knew she could come here in any crisis to find the help and support she needs, and her 14 year old daughter is witnessing the love and support her mother and she get through the ministry. This client had been in foster-care in her teens, has limited support and this is where she has come through the years for support.

Another 35 year old woman, we’ve known for 9 years has struggled with addiction. She doesn’t have custody of her 3 children, is in a sober living program and trying to stay on track.  We love and pray with her, have met one on one and started a Bible study to help strengthen her faith and resolve to follow and trust Jesus. During one of these sessions, she was amazed to realize that Jesus did not have to go to the cross, “He could have called 10,000 angels” but prayed “God’s Will be Done”  That we too, can ask God to “take this cup from us.” But chose His Will for our life. When she states she wants to “quit” we’ve assured her, WE WILL NOT give up on her!!

We are all so encouraged to see one of our ladies continue to stay on the straight and narrow, after following her through drug addiction and working with local drug rehab programs for the past 2 years. She has gained custody of her 3 year old child and they have moved out of downtown into a house with a yard. She has been attending church with one of our staff members and prayed to be saved after our chapel service this month.  What a blessing and encouragement it is to see her grow in her faith, making difficult but good changes in her life that will help her and her children live a better, blessed life.

There are days I just stop and listen to our girls talk and laugh and enjoy the freedom and gift of just being together.  We see the Lord’s Hand daily here, He lifts burdens, He convicts hearts when needed and draws lost ones to a place where they will hear His Name often.

 How blessed we are to “get to” serve Him and these women!

KY Pregnancy Centers’ Impact