Volunteer Spotlight

Amanda Stanley toured our ministry in October 2017 before we moved and combined both parts of our ministry. She had just finished nursing school and was looking for ways to use her time, talents and education to serve. With a desire to serve in this area of ministry, all the pieces have finally come together and now Amanda is a pregnancy center counselor. As a registered nurse with a burning passion for women’s health she just received her certification as an ultrasound technician as well. Upon meeting Amanda, you know instantly that she has a heart and passion for this ministry.  She is genuine and real and that is what makes her such a valuable asset to our Pregnancy Counseling team.

Amanda is married to Jeff and has 3 children, Liberty, Savannah and Xander.  They are members of New Song Christian Fellowship. We are so thankful to have her serving along side us.

U-Haul full of diapers

Saturday began with communication and laughter about how cold it was. It ended with diapers at our new location for pregnancy center and life skills clients. Why is this important? Because having diapers relieves stress on countless women we serve everyday. The 20 people that took time out of their Saturday spent their morning loading and unloading a U-Haul full of diapers that will clothe the precious children who come to BsideU with their mothers. Women who felt afraid and scared of the news their pregnancies brought them, but left smiling because of the diapers they were given to care for their baby. Strangers compelled by the compassion they saw, stopped and asked to assist without knowing who would be blessed by it.

A Big Thank You

2017 was a great year for this ministry! We have seen the transforming power of the Holy Spirit in the lives of our clients. The Rick Bordas Scramble for Life was so much fun, and we had an awesome turn out for the Team Life Bike Ride. What an amazing benefit we had as our lives were touched by some powerful testimonies later followed by guest speaker Jim Daly. We also moved into our new building at 701 W Muhammad Ali Blvd and changed our name to BsideU For Life. We have gone through a lot of transition this year and during it all we have seen the unfailing power of God and his provision. You, our faithful supporters have been the vessel that God has used as a source of that provision for this ministry. Because of your heart for this ministry and your love for the Lord we can save babies and change lives through the power of Jesus Christ. You are greatly appreciated, Thank you so much.

Christmas with BsideU For Life

The holiday season is a great time to spend time with family and friends and the same is true at BsideU For Life. We were able to stop and catch up with our clients in December. Since the children were out of school we wanted to throw a Christmas party for them. It was a day for the kids and moms to enjoy. They made Christmas candy with our Life Skills Director Sandy Gross and partake in some Christmas karaoke. BsideU For Life staff & clients got to enjoy a wonderful Christmas dinner together followed by a service in the chapel. The service was led by Dr. Dennis Kaufman and clients had a chance to share what the Christmas season meant to them and where God had brought them from.

Brokenness To Being Restored

I was lost hopeless, homeless, jobless, and very broken. When I first started my journey I really wasn’t serious about Christ. I thought “yeah right whatever”. No matter what I have always received unconditional love from the guardian angels at BsideU For Life.
Let’s rewind time a little bit. I’ve known some of these angels for many years, at least ten, which has developed into long lasting relationships. The one that stands out to me the most is Mrs. Susie Dempsey. She has walked with me throughout my journey. Even when I used to be in and out, no matter what these angels accepted me as I was where ever I was in life. You see the genuine love of Christ in their lives. I am so blessed and thankful for all these precious human beings. There are really God sent people in the world.
This is a big family. I delight in all their company. I now have a deeper relationship with God. Glory be to God! I’m so glad and grateful that I’ve met these angels. These angels Mrs. Stephanie, Ms. Debbie, Dr. K, Nici, Daisy, and Mrs. Sandy. Mrs. Sandy with her boldness and liveliness. Mrs. Stephanie with her knowledge, Ms. Debbie with her humor. Dr. K with his self-sacrifice, Mrs. Monica with her vision and persistence. These are some of the angels that Jesus blessed me with. I’m so glad Jesus created you all. I love Jesus and trust Jesus. It feels so good!


Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting Photos


New Building, New Brand, New Energy

Since late 2014, we started a long-term project to move and grow the ministry—to find a new physical location to put our main pregnancy center, the 101 W. Market location of A Woman’s Choice Resource Center, and our life skills ministry, Necole’s Place, under one roof.   With the help of our Facilities Team, we found and started to “reckon” with this building, the former home of the Louisville Chapter of the American Cancer Society. 


Like any nonprofit ministry, we launched a building campaign.  First, it was just to get the building paid for.  But in 2016, it became a comprehensive campaign to pay for not just buying the building, but renovating it and cover all of our operating expenses for four years, with growth in mind!  With an initial matching challenge grant, we raised the funds to buy the building debt free in January of 2016, and through the ensuing 20 months, we planned and campaigned until God blessed us with the ability to move into the new building a month ago—we packed up Necole’s Place on October 26th, A Woman’s Choice at 101 W. Market on October 27th, and we started unpacking and getting settled the week of Halloween, to start ministering to women here on November 1.

But roll back the clock again.  While all that was going on, we started to think—one building, why two names?   In 1988, our ministry was founded to protect the unborn by reaching women in crisis pregnancies with the truth about abortion and Jesus Christ. It was known initially as Women for Life of Louisville, Inc. and after merging with another center named Alternatives Pregnancy Center, we became known as A Woman’s Choice Resource Center. In 2006, we opened Necole’s Place to assist the women we serve with training in basic life skills and discipleship. The expanded ministry was known by two names — A Woman’s Choice Resource Center & Necole’s Place — creating two identities across three locations, even though we were still a single ministry.   Sometimes it was confusing.

After committing to bring the two halves under one roof, we decided it made sense to unify our brand the way we are unifying our care for women. Why have two names in one location? We began a total re-branding effort . . . a process that spanned more than six months. With input from clients, financial supporters, board members, staff, and volunteers, we re-discovered a core value and practice present from our founding: we assure women and families in crisis that “We’ll be beside you.” That’s true during pregnancy and beyond — and even if she doesn’t choose life and needs healing and forgiveness after an abortion.

Saving babies is not enough — we are committed to save and empower the lives of the entire family. We needed to capture this truth in our brand as our promise to our clients. Today, we provide pregnancy testing, ultrasounds and pregnancy counseling, coupled with on-going life skills education and discipleship through a Christ-centered, holistic approach, just like we did last week, last month, and last year.

We decided that when we opened at 701 W. Muhammad Ali, A Woman’s Choice Resource Center and Necole’s Place would become BsideU for Life. What was once two separate—but connected—parts of one ministry are now combined into a cohesive and seamless whole, providing a continuum of care for the women and families we serve while maintaining our strategic spot next to Louisville’s abortion clinic, which next week also gets a makeover under the new brand.  Not only will we be telling clients “we are beside you,” we’ll be confirming for the abortion provider, EMW, “We are beside you for life, too!”


Here’s a link to our new brand reveal video, shared at the banquet this year:  https://vimeo.com/235264876/7f7c1dd49c

Here’s a link to a virtual tour of the building that we put together for the banquet, before we moved in.  It doesn’t do the building justice, so come see how far we’ve come since this video was made:    https://vimeo.com/235246035/5b7eea8dc2


Come visit!  The new location is beautiful and the staff and volunteers are excited to share it with you.


Here’s a news clip from our Ribbon Cutting last week:  http://www.wdrb.com/story/36901301/womens-center-in-downtown-louisville-has-new-name-and-location-but-same-mission


Here’s a link to the Governor’s own social media about the Ribbon cutting:  https://www.facebook.com/GovMattBevin/videos/1776226706010548/

Expanding Our Territory

We Are Giving Thanks For You

We Are Giving Thanks For You

The room was filled with a sea of faces, each one telling a different story, all from different backgrounds and life experiences, but all brought together with a heart to serve others…

What a wonderful day of thanks and praise we had with our volunteers! For those of you who couldn’t attend, here is what you missed. On Saturday, November 11, we celebrated the backbone of our ministry, our volunteers, at our Volunteer Appreciation brunch.  A brunch catered by Masterson’s Catering kicked us off.  We were then led in worship by Esther Gonzales and Bethany Sewall as we celebrated God’s goodness in 2017. Our morning ended with an overview and insight from our Director, Monica Henderson, of our new facilities and our new brand.  We have exciting adventures ahead and we are so very grateful for each and every one of you!  It truly is an honor to walk alongside you! Thank you does not seem adequate enough for all you do! “For some people volunteering is about giving, but for you, it is just a way of living.”(Unknown)