Cassey’s Wedding

One of our greatest joys is seeing a life transformed through the power of God. Cassey first came to BsideU for Life when she was 16, and pregnant with her first child. We walked along side Cassey through her crisis pregnancy and introduced her to a relationship with Jesus Christ. After her son was born, Cassey continued coming to BsideU’s life skills program, and has continued on and off for the past 15 years.

Since that first encounter with BsideU Cassey’s experienced both challenges and blessings.  She now has four children ages 9 through 15, and regardless of what’s happened, she’s known that BsideU is here for her and her children to care, to encourage, and to speak truth into their lives. 

In the past few years, our Life Skills program has focused on the concept of “raising the bar” – rejecting cultural messaging around sexuality and relationships, and instead understanding our worth as children of God and seeking His plan for our lives. We have an abstinence class that helps in setting expectations and boundaries, as well as an etiquette class that helps clients understand how what we wear and how we show up communicates to others. One of the fun things we do with clients that complete all segments of the etiquette class is a thrift store outing, where each client gets to shop for an outfit. It’s a hit with everyone as the group gives each woman enthusiastic feedback on her choices, narrowing it down to the best choice.  As Cassey came to understand what “raising the bar” meant, it began to influence how she related to people outside BsideU.  

Cassey and Steven became friends about five years ago, but as Cassey got to know more about him, she noticed that he had some qualities that were very attractive and in line with the “raising the bar” theme she’d been studying. Steven always treated her respectfully, and those who knew him knew his goals were to be a good husband and father and to own a home. Cassey had always wanted to get married, but past relationships had disenchanted her on that dream. Finding out that Steven shared her feelings restored her hope for marriage, and their love story began. 

It wasn’t long before Steven proposed, and they set a date for the wedding. Cassey shared their intentions with her BsideU For Life family, and our staff all pitched in to plan a beautiful wedding ceremony right in our chapel – the first wedding at 701 W Muhammad Ali, but our 10th wedding hosted in the ministry (the first 9 were at Necole’s Place). We were honored to be able to surround Cassey and pray for this new chapter of her life before the ceremony began. 

Cassey and Steven want to set a great example of a family with a married mother and a father, and both are working to support their family. Anyone who knows them can see the love that they share, and we’re excited about how God will continue to strengthen their relationship and use their lives to bless others.