BsideU For Life’s Estate Planning Partnership

We frequently think, “How can BsideU give back to our supporters?” This year, we’ve identified a very tangible help for friends like you: Estate planning. Making or updating your will or other estate planning documents is so easy to delay, but a very, very important task. If you do not have an estate plan in place protecting your family and your estate from unnecessary taxation or if your estate plan is out-of date, we urge you to take action and correct this situation, and we are trying to make it easier for you. 

To serve you in this important area, BsideU For Life has partnered with PhilanthroCorp, a Christian, national estate planning service-provider based in Colorado Springs, CO, to provide our friends with free, confidential estate planning services. 

Procrastinating on our estate plans is understandable, but none will serve to lessen the reality that the absence of an estate plan can have devastating impact on an estate. A proper estate plan should accomplish the following:

  • Provide for all financial and guardianship needs for all dependents.
  • Transfer your estate in a tax efficient manner with the least possible amount of heartache, cost or delay.
  • Transfer your assets to individual and charitable beneficiaries of your choosing – instead of having the government decide.

PhilanthroCorp does not sell insurance or any other commission-based financial services products. Instead, they provide carefully crafted estate plans based on the needs, wishes, values and financial situation of the individual. They provide a comprehensive guide that can then be shared with your attorney to draft  legal documents you need to comply with state law. If you need insurance or other products, you would work with your personal provider. How does this help you? You get a confidential expert who walks you through multiple scenarios and details so when you connect with your attorney, you are much more clear in expressing your wishes and it makes the estate plan drafting easier for your attorney. If you need an attorney, PhilanthroCorp can also provide a referral. 

Be assured that all information you provide PhilanthroCorp will be held in strictest confidence and there is no obligation to you. You have complete control over the distribution of your finances. PhilanthroCorp’s only function is to provide you with sound, confidential, and thorough counsel.

We do hope that you will find this service a benefit to you and your family. To learn more about this confidential, free service, please visit our web site at