2020 Events Recap

2020 didn’t exactly go as planned . . . we can all agree.   Flexibility and resilience have been the theme, while we’ve grown in trust and reliance on God’s provision and direction.  This has allowed us to react wisely yet boldly in the face of challenges and rapid change. Here are some highlights from our unique year:

  • We’re going mobile! In addition to our existing, facility-based services, we now have an RV equipped with an ultrasound machine and counseling space that will allow us to reach women before they would even reach out to Planned Parenthood or EMW—thus saving more babies and opening the door to long term relationships with the moms.   Read more about it here. 
  • Pursuing education positions clients to get better jobs, allowing them to better support their families. This has always been part of our Life Skills ministry—from the opening of Necole’s Place in 2006 until now.  We offer GED support, and champion women working toward degrees or certifications. This year, we celebrated:
    • Two clients achieving their GED certification.
    • One client completing her LPN degree, and getting a 65% wage increase after doing so! 
  • We celebrated our first wedding at the 701 W Muhammad Ali location. You can read about Cassey and Steven’s story in this newsletter.
  • Two sets of twins were born to two clients who chose life for their babies (plus all the other saved babies we celebrate)!
  • Our donors helped fund the purchase of two new ultrasound machines, replacing our ailing 10-year-old machines. 
  • We celebrate new team members hired, including Kimberley Forsythe, our Children’s Ministry Coordinator, her assistant Jessica Osborne, and our receptionist Kaitlyn Bowman.
  • We are also thankful for:
    • God’s protection of our locations during the unrest – with only one broken window at 140 W. Market.
    • Completion of our new playground where children can play and work out their energy in a beautiful, safe, outdoor area while moms are in class. 
    • That despite postponement and workarounds due to the pandemic, 100 golfers gathered for our annual Rick Bordas Scramble for Life in August, and it was a great time.
    • In August, the Team Life Bike Ride started in St. Matthews for the first time, complete with a hot pancake breakfast, and a chance for folks to see our new mobile unit.
    • Support did not wane when our banquet went virtual this year!  We met our fundraising goal as friends of BsideU gathered at home with family or hosted Covid-safe watch parties, to get a ministry update and a message from Scott Klusendorf, equipping people to defend pro-life views, even in sensitive situations with friends and family. 
  • Finally, we hosted an enthusiastic volunteer-appreciation drive-through parade instead of our usual brunch, complete with signs, cow bells and lots of cheering!  We weren’t about to let the pandemic dampen our expression of thanks to our awesome volunteers.  

While we don’t know what surprises 2021 might bring, we do know that God is faithful, and we will continue to seek His guidance as we work to change hearts and save lives. Thank you for your prayers and support and for standing with us in this ministry!  You make this all possible.