Brokenness To Being Restored

I was lost hopeless, homeless, jobless, and very broken. When I first started my journey I really wasn’t serious about Christ. I thought “yeah right whatever”. No matter what I have always received unconditional love from the guardian angels at BsideU For Life.
Let’s rewind time a little bit. I’ve known some of these angels for many years, at least ten, which has developed into long lasting relationships. The one that stands out to me the most is Mrs. Susie Dempsey. She has walked with me throughout my journey. Even when I used to be in and out, no matter what these angels accepted me as I was where ever I was in life. You see the genuine love of Christ in their lives. I am so blessed and thankful for all these precious human beings. There are really God sent people in the world.
This is a big family. I delight in all their company. I now have a deeper relationship with God. Glory be to God! I’m so glad and grateful that I’ve met these angels. These angels Mrs. Stephanie, Ms. Debbie, Dr. K, Nici, Daisy, and Mrs. Sandy. Mrs. Sandy with her boldness and liveliness. Mrs. Stephanie with her knowledge, Ms. Debbie with her humor. Dr. K with his self-sacrifice, Mrs. Monica with her vision and persistence. These are some of the angels that Jesus blessed me with. I’m so glad Jesus created you all. I love Jesus and trust Jesus. It feels so good!


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