Blooming Butterflies Classes

This summer we brought back our 4-week Blooming Butterflies Camp led by LTN interns Daisy and Vicky. There were four girls in total who attended the camp, ranging from 13 to 15 years old. The mornings included baking, crafts, and various lessons on our identity, dreams, sexual activity, peer pressure and media, boundaries, and commitment. In the afternoons the girls had their Bible study on trusting God with their dreams for family, career, social circle and status, and they learned how to bounce back from failures.

Kairah (14) said, “I had a wonderful time. I felt very welcomed and comfortable. I had fun but learned a lot, not just from the lesson but from Vicky as well. I learned new stories from the Bible and how to be pure through God. I really enjoyed my experience and can’t wait until we do it again.” Mya  (13) said, “I learned so much throughout this class and I realized what I already knew. This class helps young women like me get to know God and the great people that work at Necole’s Place. I am thankful for being in the class and for being welcomed with warm hearts, even though I was shy at first. I will recommend this class to any young woman who needs Jesus in her life. I want this class to continue for many years to come.”
Many of the clients here cannot control the situation and circumstances in which they live with their children. One way we hope to impact our clients is to help give their children godly guidance and examples, older sisters-in-Christ who can share their stories and experiences. We don’t want our moms and their children to just get  by in life, surviving minimally, instead we want them to thrive and flourish through, that’s why we  walk with them long term here at Necole’s Place.