Baby Shower for BsideU

It was twelve years ago when Terry Davis heard first heard about BsideU for Life through a radio fundraiser. The ministry was raising funds to buy a new ultrasound machine that would give clients a first hand view of their baby, and hear the heartbeat. Terry felt God was calling her to donate to that campaign, but as she learned more about how the ministry went beyond saving the life of unborn babies by walking beside the mother during and beyond her crisis pregnancy, Terry knew she wanted to be more involved. 

A member of Faith Victory Center in Palmyra, Indiana, Terry shared her thoughts with her small group, and a church tradition was born. Each year, the small group throws a baby shower at the church for the ministry. They reach out to us to get a wish list of most needed items and share that with church members to shop. Then they plan the shower and invite BsideU staff to attend and be “showered” with needed staples like diapers, wipes, baby clothes, personal hygiene and cleaning supplies. Everyone brings a dish to share, and the group enjoys the time together over brunch, and learns updates from the ministry. The grand finale involves packing all of the staples into the BsideU staff’s vehicle to get the items into our benevolence closet where they will bless our clients and their families. 

Essential items like these make a huge difference for clients that often struggle to afford the basics, and are a tangible way that we can be Jesus’ hands and feet to the women we serve. We couldn’t do what we do without the love and support of churches and small groups like this one. To learn more about how you or your small group can get involved, click here.