Baby & Me Class Feature

Pregnancy should be a time of joy and anticipation as an expecting couple dreams about welcoming a baby into their family. For many of our clients though, feelings of uncertainty, overwhelm, and fear of the unknown block that potential joy. Enter: our Baby & Me class, where we help the women we serve reclaim joy. 

Running every six weeks all year, Baby & Me covers in-depth information on prenatal and pregnancy care, labor and delivery, and postpartum issues for mom and baby. We cover newborn care and early childhood development, including what to expect in the first year following delivery. Woven throughout the curriculum are the positive and joyful elements that relate to God’s design for children and the family. 

Pre-Covid, we were delighted to co-teach this class with community partners and volunteers.  Now, our nurses and other medically trained staff cover topics such as car seat safety and safe sleep for newborns. Once a mom has completed all 6 sessions, she receives a significant and needed item, such as a car seat or a Pack-n-Play (generously donated by our community partners). If the mom cannot pick up the gift, staff or volunteers will deliver it when the baby is born.

Our team tries to answer every question and address every fear. We want participants to feel equipped with needed guidance and wrapped in unconditional love and encouragement as part of a community that models Christ’s love. Building trust and real relationships in group discussions opens hearts to the gospel message, again allowing us to demonstrate that God has a plan for our lives.   

We’ve seen great interest in and positive impact from this class since we started it in 2019. If you are interested in teaching or donating items for Baby & Me graduates, please click on the link below.