Ark Encounter

BsideU For Life was recently blessed with tickets for a select number of life skills clients (those who completed the new 12 week curriculum, e-school students, and leadership team members) and accompanying staff to spend a day at the Ark Encounter in Williamstown Kentucky.  This was made possible through a donor’s personal connection with the Answers in Genesis ministry (ask and you shall receive!).

The outing was both a fun field trip but more so a faith strengthening examination of scripture brought to life.  Dr. Kaufman prepared a lesson on Genesis 6-9 for our hour and a half long drive to prepare our hearts and minds for what we were about to experience in the physical world.  Both clients and staff were overwhelmed with the actual size and sensory experience the Ark Encounter provided.  Whether it was feeling the wind, hearing the thunder and lightning, seeing how the animals were caged, to how waste and fresh water was provided for Noah, his family, and all the animals, the experience was truly unforgettable.

We were also richly blessed with a personal tour guide who stayed with us throughout the experience to point out details we would have otherwise missed.  This was truly a faith building moment for all.  We are grateful for the support of donors, the generosity of other ministries, our dedicated clients and our faithful staff.  May God continue to bless the ministry and reveal Himself to us daily in both small and “ark” sized ways!

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