Aetna Crock Pot Cooking Class

Knowledge about nutrition and cooking skills are typically learned from a parent or other family member, with favorite recipes being passed from generation to generation. When a family support system breaks down, this kind of knowledge transfer can fall by the wayside, and be overlooked entirely as more immediate needs take precedence. Many of our clients lack that learning experience due to absent parents or any family support. This results in consequences for our clients, and their children. Nutrition, recipes and traditions centered on food are good for the body and soul, and often are a foundation for relationship building. That’s why we make daily lunch time, and classes about nutrition and cooking part of our Life Skills and children’s programming. 

We’d like to highlight one class that was held recently, hosted by our community partner, Aetna. Candace, a Prevention and Wellness Coordinator at Aetna taught a crock pot cooking class. It was an interactive format that covered basic nutrition principles, but also encouraged creativity and confidence among attendees to try practical and simple dishes. Each client that attended received a crock pot, which they could use at home with their families to make the recipes that were demonstrated in the class. 

Candace skillfully conveyed the information in ways that would stick, positioning tips and tricks that could be used to accommodate nutritious meals in a busy schedule, while remaining cost effective. In the weeks since the class was held, clients have shared their experiences in using their crock pot to try the recipes shared in class, as well as other variations. Feedback has been very positive! 

Feeling confident about providing healthy meals for their children, or even knowing how to read nutrition labels are simple things that enable clients to have dignity and independence, and feel like they know how to be a good parent. It’s a seemingly small, but powerful way that they can break the cycle, and instill good nutrition habits in their children. In addition to our ongoing Life Skills classes like parenting, GED tutoring, anger & stress management and bible study, these special classes help equip our clients to lead the abundant lives God has planned for them. 

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