2020 Year-End Recap

BsideU for Life exists to turn hearts and minds toward life, protecting the lives of unborn babies at risk of abortion. Since the ministry’s inception, an estimated 10,000 babies have been saved! In a year of unknowns and unexpected challenges at every turn, we have held fast to this mission, and celebrate all that God has done through this ministry! 

2020 ushered in some hostile changes to Kentucky’s unborn. At the Governor’s direction, Kentucky’s Department for Health and Family Services issued a provisional license enabling Planned Parenthood to start performing abortions earlier this year. Additionally, while businesses across the Commonwealth were required to close their doors due to the pandemic, abortion providers were allowed to continue their operation unabated. BsideU’s leadership knew that it was critical to be there for vulnerable unborn children, as well as their mothers, and made the decision to keep the pregnancy center open the whole time. 

The riots and unrest we experienced in downtown Louisville this past summer and fall was another unexpected challenge that 2020 brought, but our dedicated staff and volunteers remained committed to the ministry’s purpose and showed up day after day, even though some of those days our facility had boarded up windows to guard against vandalism. “We were determined to continue serving”, said Stephanie Virg, our Director of Social Services, “with the greater purpose in mind, at no time was I scared”. 

While there were certainly some scary circumstances over the course of the summer, including driving to our locations through sometimes hostile protest crowds and barricades, and a pipe bomb exploding in the parking lot of our 701 West Muhammed Ali location (the facility is just 2 blocks away from the epicenter of the protests), the resolve Stephanie demonstrates is shared among our faithful staff and volunteers who have chosen to serve in the face of opposition.

It’s important to note that our leadership remained in close contact with local police and area businesses throughout the active protest period to ensure we were closing early or avoiding known dangerous situations as needed to protect staff, clients and volunteers. Despite that, Stephanie noted that “as Jesus’ face was set like flint on His way to Jerusalem, as prophesied in Isaiah 50:7, our faces were set like flint to continue protecting unborn babies and serving their mothers in need”. Your prayers and God’s protection have been tangibly felt during this time.

Hand in hand with our primary purpose of protecting the unborn is walking beside their mothers and families, introducing them to a relationship with Jesus Christ, and teaching practical life skills. The events of 2020 made this part of our ministry a bit different, and we did have to pause our Life Skills and child care programming in April as we retooled our model to align with the CDC’s guidelines. We opened back up in early June, and despite a few changes in venue and protocol, were able to get back to mostly normal activity. 

One thing that didn’t stop, and was actually exacerbated by the pandemic is the practical needs experienced by our clients. Most live in poverty with their children and some struggle with homelessness. The pandemic’s far-reaching effects have hit the poor in our communities the hardest. During the time that the Life Skills programming was closed, and even beyond, our staff continued social work and counseling with clients virtually, and visited them where they were, bringing benevolence items as needed, truly being Jesus’ hands and feet to our clients during a time of extreme need. 

10,000 saved babies – there is no better way to take a statistic, that may be easy to gloss over, and truly visualize it than by focusing on one or two babies that represent that number. In the past week, we’ve been thrilled to celebrate the birth of two babies whose mothers came to BsideU early in the pandemic. They were abortion minded, but through ultrasounds, counseling and allowing God to work in their hearts, decided to choose life for their children. 

Because of you, our supporters and volunteers, we are able to serve these women and babies in need.  We are so thankful for each of you that stand with us. As we look toward what God has in store for 2021, would you pray with us that God continues to change hearts and minds toward life, and consider making a financial gift to enable this work?