Planning Ahead

by Camille Wheatley

As event planner at BsideU For Life, planning ahead is always very important to me. Ironically, when it came to my family’s estate plan, my husband and I have avoided this process for years. We frequently discussed our need to create an estate plan as the topic always seemed to surface when someone close to us had passed away. Finally, after many years of putting it off, we learned about the free services offered to BsideU For Life donors and supporters through PhilanthroCorp, and decided to finally sit and do the hard work of planning.

PhilanthroCorp is the Christian estate planning partner of BsideU and they made our planning process so much easier than we ever anticipated. Their Estate Specialists are extremely helpful, informative and low pressure. Since we had never walked through this process before, it was a great learning experience for both of us. PhilanthroCorp has such a wealth of knowledge and expertise, and they presented us with a variety of options that we didn’t even know we had available to us. Their guidance made our decision-making process much simpler. We would recommend their services to anyone as our experience was just absolutely wonderful.

As a donor and supporter of BsideU For Life, PhilanthroCorp’s free estate planning services are offered to you as well! You will find good-hearted advisors, a positive environment, and great advice for how to plant your seeds for the future. To find out more and to start the conversation with PhilanthroCorp, Click here: You’ll be glad you did!