140 W. Market Prayers Answered

Friday, January 5, 2018 was not just “another” day. It was another “extraordinary” day on the front line down at 140 our office next to EMW. It was another day that God allowed us to see Him at work. Not only were we blessed by the experience of witnessing our prayers being answered in that moment, but by God allowing us to see how He had worked all the details out long before that day. He was so gracious to have shone a light on how He had been working behind the scenes for a time such as this.

That morning a young girl stepped out of the car in front of 140. She crossed paths with a lady named Beverly on the sidewalk from Sisters for Life as she walked into EMW. Beverly stands out front of EMW and ministers to the folks going in and continues to minister to them from the sidewalk as they sit in the waiting room.

It was a little after 9:30 when that girl walked out of EMW and into 140. I met her at the door and asked how could we help her? She said, “I was just in EMW and I couldn’t do it.”  She started to cry and I wrapped my arms around her and said “Sweetie you did the right thing.” She said, “Beverly got me!  She told me when I was walking into EMW, that if I changed my mind to come over here and I could get an ultrasound and you all would be able to help me.”  I said “We sure can!” I gave her paperwork and asked for her license. As I made a copy she asked “Is it hard for you all to work next door to an abortion clinic?” I replied, ‘Yes it is, but is so worth it because we do it for people just like you, who change their mind.”

While we were sitting in the counseling room, she tearfully shared that she had prayed and prayed asking God what she should do.   She was desperate for an answer and was running out of time. When she didn’t hear from God she decided to take matters into her own hands. She had to go through with what seemed to be her only choice. She said, “I’m only twenty-four, I’m too young to have another child.” She said “I already have three kids.” Her youngest is 7 months old the oldest is 7 yrs old and she already had one abortion.

She told me she was crying in EMW and couldn’t even fill out the paperwork she was given. She said, a lady called her into her office and said, “It doesn’t look like you want to be here.” She said “I don’t, but why would God have me come all this way for me to not go through with it?” The lady then said, “Maybe God had you come all this way to talk to me, so I could tell you if you’re not sure you want to do this you should go to the clinic next door and get an ultrasound. See how they can help you and then go back home and think about it a little more.” She added, “I’m not telling you not to do it or to do it.  All I’m saying is if you are not sure you should go next door.” She then asked her if she wanted to stay and go through to the next step. The client said she was going to stay. She went in another room and spoke with another lady. She was told she needed to fill out the paperwork. After completing the paperwork she went back to speak with the first lady again. The lady asked her again if she was sure she wanted to do this because if she had an ultrasound and then changed her mind she wouldn’t get her money back. The client told her she could already feel the baby move. After she made that statement the EMW employee stated if you can feel the baby move you’re probably too far along anyway. And then told her “If it were me I would go next door.”  She said she could tell she didn’t wanted to do it. That is exactly what she did.

I said, “You didn’t think God heard your prayer but He was working out all the details.” I said “Maybe you needed to come this far to see just how much God loves you?” I pointed out how God put Beverly there to speak truth to her before she went into EMW.  That He put the EMW employee there to confirm what was on her heart.  Also God allowed me to meet someone earlier that morning would touch my heart to the point of feeling like we needed to stay open in case that girl came out. If we had not had that earlier encounter, that divine appointment from God, we would have been closed. But God made sure our doors were open especially for her.

I said, “God made a way for you, an escape.” I told her that I was called into work for someone else that day.  I think that it is destiny that you are here, I think it’s a divine appointment from God.” I said “God heard your prayer!  He loves you so much that He orchestrated all of this especially for you.”  I said, “God’s timing is perfect and He had a perfect plan and a purpose for you and this baby.” She was in awe just as much as I was.

She and the ultrasound tech ended up going to our new location to get some items for her other children and had lunch with us. She lives out of town so we contacted a pregnancy resource center in her area.  Alex (our campus outreach coordinator) called the other center and knew the person she spoke with from that clinic so we feel certain she will be given the love and resources she will need.

I recently talked her and she has expressed how thankful she is and that she knows we serve an Almighty God whom answers prayers in mysterious ways. She said, “Just when I thought He wouldn’t answer me, He guided me to you guys.”

God answered so many prayers that day. Old prayers that we’ve prayed daily for years for the EMW employees. New prayers that we prayed that morning. But what made it even sweeter was that God answered our prayer that was on our monthly prayer calendar that was typed out days in advanced by one of our staff. January 5th read:  “women tempted by abortion will be drawn to us first.” I mean it doesn’t get much clearer. God had all of these details laid out for us to take notice that He has His mighty hand upon us.

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